Is Vaping Bad for You? 3 Facts Vaping vs. Cigarette Smoking

Whenever we talk about the effects of vaping on the health of an individual, we always compare it with the effects of cigarette smoking. This comparison is natural as well because those who wanted to quit smoking, use the vaping pen.

So, it is natural that people compare the effects of both cigarette smoking and vaping as they have to decide which one is better. Or we can say they wanted to know which one is less harmful to the health.

So, here we have a short comparison as well of both vaping, and cigarette smoking:

Smoking vs. Vaping: For Lungs


It is a universal truth that smoking is very bad for the lungs of any healthy human. Long time smokers who inhale the burning tobacco has a very negative effect on the lungs and they can also have esophageal cancer.

Though cancer is the worst state for a smoker and every smoker doesn’t have cancer, but there might be many other diseases related to the lungs. A tobacco smoker can have any lung disease that may be chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or even chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that is also abbreviated as COPD.

Now, if we talk about vaping, we see that many things in tobacco that are harmful to the health are absent in Vaping. Even no carbon mono oxide or tar is produced in vaping because there is no combustion.

In vapers, a vape tank is used that has the e-liquid. Then heat is used from a coil to convert this liquid into an inhalable aerosol. When you see it you will feel that it is smoke, but actually, it is not smoke.

Well, it doesn’t mean that vaping has no side effects on the lungs. There are some risks involved, but these risks are nothing as compared to the risks associated with smoking.

Smoking vs. Vaping: For Oral Health

Now, if we talk about oral health then everyone knows that there are so many disadvantages of smoking. It is not good at all for oral health. Smoking can cause throat, mouth, or even esophageal cancer. Apart from this, smoking is also bad for the teeth. Dental health can be at high risk for smokers.

It is also bad for the gums as it can cause gingival disorders. If a smoker has already dental issues before he starts smoking, then the act of smoking can after bacterial ecology inside the mouth that can make the current dental disorder even worse. So, overall, smoking is terrible for oral health, and there is not a single opinion that goes against this.

On the other hand, when we see vapers, there are no such studies on the vapers that provide such critical problems for oral health. According to a study, the oral bacteria profile of non-vapers or non-smokers is very similar to the oral bacteria profiles of vapers. That means there is no considerable effect on the oral health of a vaper.

By the way, you can check this wax atomizer as well if you are a vaper. It will have no burning smell, no leakage and it is easy to refill. Smokers have a bad odor as well that is bad for the lifestyle, whereas this device will not have any bad odor.

Whereas, when the same study compares the oral bacteria profile of vapers or nonsmokers with the smokers, it was very different. So it means, vapers have no alteration in the microbiome whereas, the smoker does have.

Formaldehyde in Vapes

Formaldehyde is a colorless gas that is flammable at room temperature and has an unpleasant odor. If someone inhales this for a long time he might have worse health issues.

A research study published in 2015 by Portland State University and mentioned that vapers have formaldehyde even in a larger quantity than the cigarette, so they declared it bad for the health.

But the main thing that they didn’t mention in the study was that this colorless flammable gas will be produced by the vapes when you use it on a very high voltage and no one will be able to inhale it.

So, when no vaper uses that high voltage setting and will not be able to inhale, then how it can be bad for health? Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos showed that a vapor that is used high voltage an atomizer was unpalatable to human users.


In short, we can’t say that vaping has no side effects on health, but when we compare it with smoking, these are negligible. Moreover, a vaper uses a vaping device to quit smoking, so we can say that it is useful for the vaper as he can reduce the health risks involved in smoking.

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