Unlock All Your PDF Files Easily With This Online Tool!

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Unlock All Your PDF Files Easily With This Online Tool!

PDFs are preferred when sharing files because they don’t only offer document formatting preservation but they also allow you to send them securely. They essentially act as images of your documents’ content and can be encrypted with passwords to fortify security. As such, sending documents securely and efficiently is much more manageable.

Have you got password-protected PDFs in your archive? If yes, then you might be searching for ways to remove the passwords set in place because you no longer need them. They might have caused you some hassle when entering the key repetitively, especially when you’re working on a huge file. Here’s how to remove those PDF passwords permanently.

PDFBear’s Unlock PDF Tool

Of course, there are many ways to unlock PDF documents once and for all. The approach can vary depending on the document owner. One of the most convenient and preferred ways to do this is using online tools. You won’t even be strapped for them as they are really abundant on the web. There can be many PDF unlocking tools on your screen in just one online search.

Among the tools you can find, an excellent one to choose is PDFBear’s Unlock PDF. It is among the top online web services when it comes to convenience, cost-efficiency, and security. You can use this tool for password removal without paying any cost. Moreover, you can do so really easily by interacting with its friendly user interface. Visit it now, and do the steps below!

  1. Once you’re on the tool’s website, click Select a File to upload your PDF. You may also drag and drop them for convenience.
  2. Confirm that you’re authorized to unlock the file permanently by clicking on the appropriate button. Once done, type in the key.
  3. Click Unlock PDF.
  4. Download your PDF now!

Why use PDFBear’s Unlock Tool?

You might be wondering why you should use this tool among the countless other ones on the Internet. We have iterated that it is convenient since it doesn’t require any complicated processes, and you can even finish it in just one sitting. Of course, there are other advantages of using an online tool like this one.

●    Compatible with multiple platforms

You can use this excellent tool on any kind of device, including but not limited to, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Moreover, it works on all major web browsers too. Now, it is possible to unlock your PDF files even when you’re not in front of your computer. Just do it on the go!

●    Excellent security

PDFBear guarantees that all your files would be safeguarded from any kind of virus or malware. Rest assured that you would experience a safe and seamless PDF unlocking process throughout.

●    Cloud technology

All processes occur on the cloud, so you don’t have to install any kind of software application. Just go online, visit the tool, and remove PDF passwords. This way, you can save time, effort, computer memory, and storage space. It should be this easy and convenient!

Can PDFBear’s Unlock Tool remove passwords from all files?

You can rest assured that almost every PDF can undergo password removal. However, there can be instances where you have to type in the owner password to proceed. It can largely depend on the type of password set on the file. There are two types of them, which are the user and master password.

The first one, the user password, is used to open your PDF files. On the other hand, the master password, otherwise known as permissions password, can be used to restrict what other people can do to your PDF. For example, you can prevent others from printing and editing them to prevent leaving physical copies on paper and having changes to the PDF.

Is it possible to encrypt my PDF file again?

There can be instances where you might want to encrypt your PDF file again, although you have once removed its password. After all, a reason you might have once unlocked your PDF permanently is to make it more convenient for you to view the file since there’s no need to type in the key every time anymore. But, yes, you can encrypt your PDF again.

PDFBear has many other services to offer aside from its Unlock PDF tool. You can just visit its website, and look at the other options that you can find. Password-protecting your PDF files is one of its capabilities, but it also has other excellent tools for editing, converting, and anything that has to do with PDFs.


Though passwords can be useful when using PDFs most of the time, you might want to have them removed at a certain point. For instance, it gets tedious for you to enter the password every time you open your PDF. Remove them with PDFBear’s Unlock PDF today!

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