Top Five Seo Factors That Decide The Overall Page Quality

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If I say there is a team of SEO Factors experts who work for Google and decide overall web page quality, it might sound a bit too much to digest. Isn’t it? Well, here’s the truth Google has these folks who are also known as “Search Quality Raters” and review the website pages and determine the overall page quality by awarding the “Page Quality” ratings. If you have spent some time in Search Engine optimization and digital marketing world, you must be aware of these PQ ratings.

Google had published the guidelines for page quality rater’s way back in 2012, which mentioned the steps and factors involving the evaluation of Page quality. We will discuss the top 5 deciding factors of the overall page quality on the web, and how you can ensure that your website pages meet that standard.

What does a High-Quality Page mean?

Before we dive into the factors determining the page quality, it is important to understand Google’s view of high-quality content. SEO factors Content has to be great to have a high-quality page rating. Good content should satisfy the user’s overall purpose or query by fulfilling their intent.

As per Google’s guidelines user’s purpose could fall anywhere in the below categories:

  • Entertainment
  • Share Information (Objective, Personal or Social)
  • Share Opinion on the topic of interest
  • Post (question and answers)
  • Sell (Product or Service)
  • Share media (pictures, video and other forms)
  • File Sharing (Upload) or download.

Let’s now move onto the top five factors which decide the page quality.


We discussed the guidelines that could be the purpose behind high-quality content. Similarly, Google likes to understand the motive behind the creation of any web page. You may have created a page to share the information which is not available, you may want to sell something, you may simply want to earn through adverts, or the intent of Page might be to cause harm to other by spreading malware or viruses and hacking systems. Before anything else, Google’s search algorithm understands the purpose of a page based on users’ search. By using semantics, it applies the search results to determine the purpose or motive behind the Page.

The first thing for you as a content creator or SEO expert should be to identify the real purpose of the Page. Ask yourself, Does the Page answer the user’s intent? If the answer is anything other than a bold “YES” you should dig further to find out the purpose. Below are a few pointers SEO factors which can help you identify the purpose of different kind of pages:

  • For a news website homepage is to share the news with the audience.
  • The category page of an eCommerce portal is used for selling the products.
  • A personal review website should inform users about the features, pros, and cons of the product or service which applicable.
  • A how-to page is to help users find answers to their particular questions.
  • The category page of a software website should allow users to download specific software they are looking for SEO factors.

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EAT (Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness)

This is key to SEO factors in determining the page rating. A page with a higher amount of EAT is usually rated higher than others. It combines three aspects:

  • Expertise: Is the author of the content expert in the field? Does he have a good amount of experience? If yes, rest assured Page will rank higher than with authors who are relatively new in the field and doesn’t have a body of work to convince Search Engine of their expertise yet.
  • Authority – Just like an expert author, the level of the authoritativeness of a website also matters a lot.
  • Trustworthy – Is the website reliable? News about a space mission will be more trustworthy if it is on Nasa’s official website versus published on a personal blog.

Content Quality and Quantity:

What is your key content or main content? Is it of high quality? Keep these questions in mind while creating or reviewing your content in an SEO audit. It plays a major role in the Page Quality rating.

  • Ensure there are no grammatical errors.
  • Clear, Concise, and/or Comprehensive (Content should be making sense, should be concise and not stretched for the sake of word counts, should always be comprehensive and detailed) Focus on clarity of content.
  • Get the facts right – Content should be factually correct.
  • Features of SEO factors should be accessible, and links should not be broken.
  • Use of high-quality images.

Website Information:

The details provided on the website should be accurate and generate trust. Physical Address, Maps, Contact Email address, Helpline numbers, live chats, organization, or individual behind website these all SEO factors makes a website more trustworthy and enhanced PQ rating.

The reputation of a Website:

Last but not least, Google looks at the reputation of your website below points can boost the website reputation:

  • Awards and Recognition in your field
  • News Article about your website
  • Positive user ratings and reviews for an online store

Page quality is a key search engine ranking factor and cannot be ignored in your SEO factors strategy. Eventually, good content makes or breaks the website quality. Make sure content on your Page is regularly reviewed and updated.

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