Top 6 Luxury Cruises In India

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Luxury cruises are attractive even for those who have not experienced the highest level of luxury and excess. These cruise ships are unrivaled in terms of their amazing services and attention to detail. Luxury cruises were once a luxury that was only available to the wealthy.

This dream has become much easier with the introduction of Luxury Cruises to exotic locations in India.

These liners include The OberoiMV Vrinda and River Ganges Heritage Cruises, as well as The Sunderbans Luxury Cruise. They have gained a lot of popularity in the tourist community because they offer exceptional services, incredible comfort, and plenty of leisure to ensure that visitors have an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime.

What are the other luxury ships that offer such an exquisite experience in India’s waters and in these beautiful locations, in addition to the above-mentioned luxury cruises? In the next article, we will discuss the top 5 luxury cruises in India.

1- Sunderbans Luxury Cruise

The Sundarbans mangrove ecosystem is the world’s largest and most important. It was also declared a 1985 UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sundarbans is one of the most stunning places on Earth. It boasts incredible natural beauty, amazing sites, exotic wildlife, and a variety of reptiles, birds, and invertebrate species. There are also numerous water channels, creeks, and streams that run through the vast area.

One of the most treasured wishes is to travel through the incredible natural beauty of this area. This includes memorable creek rides, exciting forest walks, and exploratory visits at fishermen’s coves. Sunderbans Luxury Cruise offers this amazing and thrilling trip while providing incredible luxury and amenities. This amazing excursion takes you through beautiful water channels and creeks to the tranquility of the forest, allowing you to soak up the magnificent atmosphere. The exceptional hospitality of expert chefs will ensure that you have a memorable experience. They will bring you delicious dishes from around the globe and take care of all your needs.

A gym is also available, and the Ayurvedic massage parlor and treatment room will soothe your muscles and nerves. A library, a bar, and a conference room are available to allow corporate and leisure travelers to enjoy a relaxing and useful time. M.V. Paramhansa is the cruise that lets you enjoy the beauty and wonders of Sunderbans. It measures 53m in length and has 32 cabins. All rooms have air conditioning and are equipped with attached bathrooms. There are 12 luxury rooms on deck one and 20 on deck two. The main deck also has a number of deluxe rooms. Other amenities include a telephone and a tea and coffee maker, plenty of reading material, and an emergency kit. It is a memorable experience to enjoy comfort and luxury in such an amazing setting.

2- Cordelia Cruises India

Cordelia Cruises, a well-known Indian cruise company, is one of the most popular. Recently, the company purchased the Royal Caribbean International ships. They will launch in India. In late December 2020, Cordelia Cruises purchased the cruise ship Empress of the Seas. The ocean of India now has a new partner.

Cordelia wants to make its name stand out by promoting the amazing, modern and traditional cruise culture. This will amaze the Indians. It will provide a luxurious ship for the Indians that will allow them to have a memorable holiday.

There are sailings on the Cordelia cruise from Mumbai to Goa, Mumbai, Diu, Mumbai, Lakshadweep, Chennai, Maldives Cruises, Chennai, Galle Cordelia Cruises, and Chennai, Trincomalee Cruises. You will enjoy the excellent hospitality services on board. You will feel at home in every section of the cruise. It will provide international services to you even in your own country.

3- The Oberoi M.V. Vrinda Cruise

The Oberoi M.V Vrinda, one of the most exclusive and private accommodations available in the backwaters region of Kerala, is a luxurious option. These cabins are fully furnished with luxurious cabins with king-sized beds and paneled with shining timber flooring. They also have natural light and are filled with natural light. The package includes a 42 inch LCD TV, a DVD player, and international compatible plug points. Other complimentary services include a personal butler, high-speed Wi-Fi, and an in-house entertainment system.

The restaurant has a beautiful, open-air dining area that is open all day. It’s filled with natural light, fresh air, and lots of natural light. The guests are entertained by traditional dance and musical performances.

The boat can be booked by guests, or they can reserve a smaller conference room or seminar room for business or corporate meetings. The Oberoi Vrinda Cruise takes guests along the longest backwater stretch, i.e. The Vembanad Lake is one of the most vibrant waterways in Alleppey. Cruise with The Oberoi M V Vrinda in such beautiful settings is a memorable experience that will stay with you forever.

4- Heritage Cruise on the 4-River Ganges

M.V Paramhansa is a luxury cruise ship that takes you along the Ganges River, one of the most important heritage and luxury cruises in the world. It’s all about grandeur and comfort, so you can soak up the incredible local atmosphere around India’s most sacred river.

With 32 rooms that are spacious and fully furnished, the ship will be a magnet for guests. The ship will allow guests to make the most of their time and be able to relax and unwind.

The ship has almost all the amenities you would expect from a luxury vessel. Tourists have access to a massage parlor, a gym, and a modern library. The cruise offers a relaxed pace and high-quality amenities. For your taste buds’ pleasure, the ship’s chefs will prepare delicious multi-cuisine meals for you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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