Tips to prevent spine problems as you age

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Tips to prevent spine problems as you age


The process of ageing is not very smooth. Most people undergo a variety of pain as they grow old. One of the most common health concerns associated with ageing is spine problems. However, these problems can be prevented. In this article, Dr Debashish Chanda offers some practical tips to prevent age-related spine issues. Dr Debashish Chanda consults at the CK Birla Hospital, the best hospital for bone and joints in Gurgaon.


Why do we develop spine problems while growing old?

There is no single reason for back-related problems. Several factors and lifestyle habits can affect your spine health over time.

The most common cause for spine problems in degeneration of discs and joints in the spinal canal. As you grow old, the discs in your spine lose their moisture and strength. This can lead to degenerative changes which further turns into health conditions.


The amount of stress posed on your spine regularly also impacts its overall health. If you expose your back to tremendous and extraneous physical activity frequently, you can expect to feel pain and discomfort as you grow old.


If you have experienced a spinal injury or fracture during your early years, your chances of developing spine-related health conditions in future also increase.

You can avail treatments for acute and complex back problems at the CK Birla Hospital, the best orthopedic hospital in Gurgaon.


What can I do to prevent spine problems in old age?

Similar to other body parts, you can improve your spinal health by caring for it. Here are some useful tips you can apply to prevent spinal health conditions as you age:


Exercise most days of the week: Regular physical activity has several advantages for your overall health. You can strengthen your back muscles by doing targeted exercises. Moderate physical movement has long-term benefits on your spine health.


Sleep on a firm mattress: A firm mattress is a preferable choice compared to a soft one. Firm mattresses help keep your body in alignment. An aligned body during sleep can help in prevention of spine problems over time.


Consider physical therapy: A trained physiotherapist can guide you towards a healthier living. If you are predisposed to developing spine problems, you should consider consulting a physical therapist and learning techniques that may help you in future.


You can visit the CK Birla Hospital, the best orthopedic hospital in Gurgaon for more information on physical therapy.


Lift objects properly: Like most things in life, there is a proper way of lifting everyday objects. While picking up an object, make sure that your back is not entirely under pressure. You should divide the pressure on your body by bending your knees. This simplistic technique can help in preventing spine problems.


Avoid lifting heavy objects: If you wish to keep your spine healthy, you should restrain from lifting extremely heavy objects. However, if your job requires you to lift some amount of load, make sure that you are doing it properly.


Eat calcium-rich foods: The discs in your spinal column require sufficient nutrients to function properly. Calcium is one of the most important nutrients you should intake to keep your spine healthy and fit. Some food products rich in calcium are milk, cheese, green leafy vegetables, soya drinks, fish and more.


Take more vitamin D: Calcium is responsible for keeping your bones healthy. Vitamin D, on the other hand, is essential for absorbing calcium. To keep your spinal column fit, you should make sure to eat foods that are a good source of vitamin D. Some of the foods are red meat, oily fish, egg yolks, breakfast cereals and more.


Stop smoking: Studies have proved that smoking interferes in the blood supply to the spine. If you are a smoker, it is a good time to quit if you wish to avoid spine problems in old age.


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