Tips For Taking Care Of Antique Jewellery

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When it comes to cleaning jewellery the most important things you need are patience and the right tips for taking care of antique jewellery. Jewellery is often one of the first purchases we make in a relationship. We will either buy the antique jewellery from Carus Jewellery to reflect our personalities or we may buy it because we like the design or it sparkles. The most important thing about antique jewellery is that it will last a long time, and not get damaged by everyday wear and tear. It may seem daunting to some, but after reading through the following tips for taking care of antique jewellery you should find it much easier.

Follow rules for clean jewellery

There are certain rules you should follow when you clean your jewellery. For example, you need to take off your jewellery before you apply any type of cleaning product so that there is no dust or debris on the piece. If you do not clean your jewellery thoroughly you will not get any of the quality that you paid for. You should always remember to put on a clean soft cloth when cleaning your jewellery so that your antique jewellery does not become damaged by friction or roughness.

It can be difficult sometimes to tell if your piece has been clean properly or not. To know for sure whether or not your jewellery has been cleaned correctly you can test it. Take your antique jewellery and place a drop of water on it. After a short period of time if there is a green spot on your piece then it was clean enough. However, if the water has dried up and there is no spot then your jewellery needs a polish.

Antique jewellery polishing

All items of antique jewellery should be polished once or twice each year. This is not difficult to do and you can purchase a polishing cloth from any good jewellery shop or from online. Use the polishing cloth to clean your antique jewellery and give it a good brushing off. By doing this you will ensure that it will look as good as new in as little time as possible. If you polish your jewellery before using it then you will find that it will last much longer.

Cleaning silver is very important and should be done regularly. You should never use silver soap to clean your jewellery because this can cause damage to the surface. Use a soft cloth to wipe your silver pieces and then rinse with warm water and keep them dry before wearing. In addition, it is important that you keep your silver clean and this can be done by placing it in an aluminium container that is filled with a little bleach.

Take care of antique jewellery

When it comes to wearing your jewellery, it is very important to take care of it. It is possible to overcare for your jewellery and as a result, it can look old before its time. It is best to buy your jewellery from reputable sellers and it is very important that you follow the stipulations set out by these stores. If you follow their advice then there is a chance that you will get a good quality piece at a reasonable price.


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