Tips for Designing Memorable Signs for Business Promotion

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Often, business marketers tend to ignore the significance of designing attractive signage to grab people’s attention at their premises. The fact is that signages help drive more customers towards a business and engage them in taking desirable actions. If there is signage hanging inside a store or outside of it, it can immediately draw the attention of the curious onlookers if it carries an attractive message. People come to know about your business and special offerings through such signages.

By understanding the importance of such signs, more and more businesses are now focusing on coming up with interesting and engaging promotional and informational signs at their premises. As per a FedEx survey, about 64% of small business owners in the United States believe that impressive signage can be an effective marketing tool to grab customer attention.

However, while thinking of printing attractive signs for your business needs, it is important to know some key aspects of making it successful and optimizing your signage’s outcome. While considering signages as a crucial part of marketing planning, here are some insightful tips to make it most effective.

5 tips for designing memorable signs

1. Choose colors carefully

Choice of colors tends to play a critical role in creating memorable signage. Graphic designers know the importance of color theory, which is associated with the emotions of a human being. This is why brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are very careful about their choice of colors on signages.

So, you need to prepare easily noticeable colors. Say, for example, we can sport bright colors of red or yellow to grab easy attention. Try out such bright color tones to catch the customers in a fraction of a second. Also, you may try to learn about color psychology to market your brand with memorable signs.

2. Make the text readable

Business signage tends to compete for customer retention, with many graphical designs being put inside and outside your business space. The messages you want to share through signage should reach the audience instantly. A sure-shot way to gather people’s attention and share your message through signage ensures proper context.

When two elements are given in the design producing a contrasting effect, it can instantly grab the viewer’s eyes. So, contrast is a key factor in creating engaging signage. Most of the signages may have text and graphics with a single color in the background, which may not produce the needed contrast. If your signage color is weak, you should try to strengthen it by drawing a bright outline or creating a shadow around the lettering of the foreground.

3. Use large letters and fonts

If you want to make your business signage visible and readable to the audience from a distance, it should contain a larger and clearer font. As a rule of thumb, you should increase letter height by at least an inch for each 10 feet distance of viewing. For example, if you have to make the signage visible from 100 feet different distance, then the letter should be at least 10 inches in height.

Also, use the apt typeface to create your signage easily visible to all. You need to consider that various typefaces having various effects. Italics or designer fonts may make it difficult for people to read from some viewing angles.

4. Use new technologies

The addition of a temperature and time display or an email message center can make your company a landmark in your area. With today’s technology, signs are becoming more capable of providing their owner’s messages while also getting more cost-effective. The newest electronic message centers permit you to change the message in your signal as easily as you change your thoughts.

5. Appeal to urge buyers

Many owners mistakenly think of a sign as only a device that identifies the enterprise. What they fail to realize is that 55 percent of all retail sales are a result of impulse buys. People see, shop, and buy. If a signal is ineffective, it may actually cost the company owner more in lost sales than the entire price of a fantastic sign.

In Summary

Your signal will do many things for your business, from creating the first impression to providing the message to new and prospective clients about your products and services. A signal does this via a combination of size, light, text, construction, placement, and more. Keep these design tips in mind while you design an effective indication for your business.

You need to understand that your signage is a crucial marketing tool for drawing the customer’s attention and giving them directions at your premises. To create memorable signage, try to use bright colors, make it easily readable, and produce a contrasting effect along with using larger letters and fonts.

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