The Importance of Study Breaks for College Students

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The Importance of Study Breaks for College Students

An important aspect of academics and studying that can often be overlooked is the study break. Frequently undervalued, a study break allows hard-working college students to hit pause, refresh the brain, and refocus. Some might question how studying for less time can lead to success. However, studies have shown that taking an occasional break from studying can lead to a boost in everything from brain function to productivity. Stopping to do a different activity in the middle of studying can increase motivation and energy to finish academic activities.

As the end of the semester approaches and deadlines for papers and exams get closer, the workload can be overwhelming. Many students feel that cramming and doing as much as possible is the way to handle all of the work. However, too much studying and cramming are not successful in the long run. Overlearning can have detrimental impacts on the process of learning and studying. Employers are required to provide staff members with a certain amount of break time throughout the day for a reason. Students should also follow a similar pattern and walk away from reading and studying for a few minutes to take a brain break.

For students seeking a bachelor’s degree in business or other majors with lots of facts and figures, it can be difficult to consume and memorize so much information. No matter if you’re taking courses for international business, business administration, or another degree program, too much studying can cause more harm than good. Your brain requires a mental break from the rigors of undergraduate and other collegiate coursework. Experts recommend a break that lasts up to 60 minutes to be effective. Let’s take a look at study breaks from college students.

Game Breaks

A video game break is one study break that might provide a temporary escape from the rigors of academics. For example, League of Legends Worlds offers a team-based experience that has over 140 champions to make strategic plays with and take on the enemy team. As esports and Invictus Gaming have become very popular in North America and worldwide, it can prove to be an excellent way to take a break and get involved with others. From the League of Legends World Championship to play-ins and group stage events, there are plenty of opportunities to take a break from studying and get involved.

Partly due to COVID-19, League of Legends has become one of the most popular games in the world and provides numerous opportunities for both expert gamers and casual players alike. You can try your shot at entering the Legends pro league and win the final match for the total prize pool. In addition to participating in competitive League of Legends gaming, however, plenty of other games can offer a much-needed break from studying. It is important that you get away from the books for a little while and immerse yourself in something like gaming.

Exercise Breaks

Exercise Breaks

While taking a break to join League of Legends world champions for a game can give you a mental break, exercising can give you a physical break. If you have been hitting the books pretty hard for a while, you can spend some time stretching and getting the blood flowing to your brain. You can go for a run or walk or do some yoga or pilates. Whatever physical activity you decide to do will be a benefit for your brain and your body. Similar to playing a video game, an exercise break will provide a much-needed pause in your studying for international finance or other business courses.

Study breaks are important for both your physical health and your academic well-being. It is necessary to take a pause and allow your brain to reset and refocus. From being a gamer on one of the best teams to running and exercising, there are plenty of things that you can do to take beneficial and effective study breaks.

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