Skin care: The benefits of floral waters

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A touch of vintage in their pretty blue bottles, floral waters are not content to be a simple refreshing gesture. Their cosmetic virtues make them real skin care products.

Skin care: the benefits of floral waters

Practical and nomadic, floral waters are back in the spotlight. They are more and more attractive because they are subtly scented and very gentle on the skin. In addition, their organic formulas meet the expectations of naturalness in cosmetic care. It would be a shame not to include them in your beauty ritual! 

How to obtain floral waters? 

An ancestral process, the steam distillation of plants in a still allows two phases to be obtained. One, oily, present on the surface: essential oil. The other, aqueous: oral water. This term oral water is used when the distilled part is a flower. Extracted from another part of the plant, such as the leaves, it is rather called a hydrosol. 

What are they for? 

Oral waters are used after removing make-up or cleansing your skin as a tonic on the face, neck and even the body. They bring a lot of freshness, very appreciable when the weather is hot. They respect the pH of the skin and do not attack it. They also play the role of liquid element in the realization of homemade treatments. 

Prefer spray formulas, which allow misting. Also note that oral water can be stored away from light and not beyond six months. 

Which one to choose? 

Depending on your skin type, find the oral water that’s right for you. 

  • Your skin is dry 

You need the orange blossom water of sour orange. This pretty white flower is picked from a bitter orange tree, a small shrub native to India and introduced around the Mediterranean during the Crusades. It’s delicious fragrance tones, refreshes, regenerates and soothes the skin. 

Tips: After waxing or sunbathing, it soothes the epidermis and provides a feeling of well-being. 

  • Your skin is reactive 

Adopt the oral water of noble or Roman chamomile. Already used in Antiquity, the plant grows in Anjou. It relieves feelings of discomfort and limits the risk of allergic reactions. Its main active ingredient, azulene, is an anti-inflammatory drug that reduces redness, burns or even swelling. 

Tips: It soothes irritated eyelids, revives the golden reflections of the hair and brings them shine. 

  • Your skin is dull and tired

Damascus rose oral water (or Damascus) is for you. It has existed for several hundred years and was the result of the first distillations carried out by the Arabs in the 10th century. It contributes to the freshness and transparency of the complexion because it strengthens the skin’s barrier function and soothes. It also has an antioxidant power (anti-free radicals, skin aging factors) equivalent to that of vitamin C. 

Tips: Wake up your skin in the morning with a spray of rose water. 

Types of Floral Waters

  1. Low price:  Its noble chamomile extracts soothing sensitive skin and reduces dark circles. Organic chamomile floral water.
  2. Authentic: This hydrosol is pure and undiluted to retain all of its softening and comforting properties. Organic orange blossom floral water plant.
  3. Concentrated:  This very fragrant water comes from the distillation of rose petals from Iran. Organic floral water of old roses.
  4. Traditional:  Based on Damascus rose petals; it regenerates dull and devitalized skin. Organic rose water. 
  5. Country:  Extracted from flowers harvested in the fields in France, it comes to the aid of swollen eyelids and reddened eyes. E with blueberry floral certified organic cosmetics. 
  6. Kewra: Extracted from Pandean flowers in South Asia, Kewra water uses are plenty. When used as a medicine it helps clean eyes, when used as cosmetic it adds freshness to the face and in South Asian countries it is also used as an active ingredient in cooking.

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