Should I pursue social media marketing?

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So, with the pandemic tripling down the dependence on the Internet, and inevitability that was simply hasten significantly by recent events, competition is going to be fiercer in the future. Aside from instant gratification things like food, essential retail and the like, people are perfectly content to buy everything else and wait a few days to have it arrive on their doorstep. They are perfectly content to get all of their entertainment and a large part of their social interaction over the Internet now, and there is no way on this green earth that the office workers of the world are going to give up their work from home situation once the quarantines lift. I would say the same for students. What I wouldn’t have given, those many years ago when I was school age, to be able to stay home and just telecommute rather than having to get on a bus at the crack of dawn to go to a place I didn’t even want to be.

Not only is this going to make for fiercer competition due to region and proximity not meaning much outside those instant gratification systems, but is the product of major social logical change that also impacts the way you advertise.

Old systems don’t work anymore!

I would be willing to bet that you probably don’t watch TV, or if you do, it’s on a very circumstantial basis, specifically for a show or two that you simply can’t easily get on a stream yet, or for live events like sports, etc. Well, pretty soon, you won’t have to turn to TV for those things, and you technically already don’t, it’s just going to get even easier soon. TV sucks, you can only watch what they feel like showing you when they feel like showing it to you, and you have to deal with the obnoxious commercials. Most of us will change the channel or walk away during commercials, so even when people see the commercials, aside from kids, they don’t work, they just annoy.

Periodicals, radio, telemarketing which will soon be outlawed and junk mail are just as ineffective and destined to go extinct. So, your best bet is a form of advertising that doesn’t take your customers off, and reaches the people that are actually interested in what you have to offer. This is called passive advertising.

Why Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency

You need a social media marketing agency in Singapore, because social media is one of three channels through which you should be advertising. SEO is your methodology through which you actually get discovered. Don’t broadcast yourself to the world, simply be visible when people are looking. Using keywords and content to get higher rankings on search engines is how you are discovered and how you drive conversion.

Digital marketing services in Singapore will help you leverage social media as your way to retain interest and to inform people who are interested in new products/services or deals that you are offering. Again, you are reaching out directly to only the people that actually have a vested interest in knowing about these new products or services, and you aren’t annoying everybody else. This is targeted, and still passive.

Along with a social media marketing agency Singapore, you should also make use of advertising through phone apps. I personally don’t see a future in SEM, as blocking banners on phone browsers will be just as prevalent as it is on PCs probably by the end of this year as a matter of fact. I do also work in the programming world, and I happen to know a couple intrepid programmers working to make that a reality, and it’ll happen probably any day now to be honest with you. SEM may change how it works, though.

Banners on apps, when they aren’t in the way, aren’t obnoxious, don’t require you to wait for them to play a video to banish them from your working area on the screen, well, people tolerate them. Digital marketing services in Singapore will help you pick the right banners, the right apps, the right SEO tactics and of course, ensure that the right people are running your social media presence. It won’t be so bad! Change is good.

When you are looking to create a presence and get noticed then marketing is a must and without online marketing services you can as good as forget about the online presence of your business. This may sound hard but it is the reality.

I have 15 Year experience in website development, blogging, Seo, Content writing, and Link building.

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