SEO Optimization: Types & Advantages

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Indeed each of the SEO specialists often heard the question “Why do we need optimization in the second month?” or the most popular “Is this monthly?”. After such questions, the head is spinning. In this article, we will reveal why you need to do SEO in the second and third months in the most detailed way.


What is SEO optimization in simple words?


Making a wordpress site (ทำเว็บไซต์ WordPress) and ranking it is hard. SEO optimization (รับทำ SEO) is an advertisement for your website Google, to put it quite simply. Officially it is website optimization in search engines, and the abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization).


Search engine optimization can be of several types and purposes of action:


Website optimization in mobile search results is not much different from usual website optimization. The difference is what the emphasis is on: for mobile versions, and it is essential to have turbo pages, site adaptability, dynamic display of the site, and, of course, the presence of a mobile version of the site.


Google search engine is designed to promote sites, and such optimization also depends on the level of understanding of foreign languages ​​of the specialist himself. It cannot be said that the structure of optimization of sites is very different. In one case or another, the plan for promoting a site will have its characteristics, pros, and cons. And, of course, an individual work plan after analyzing competitors and conducting an audit of the site.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a type of SEO, which attracts traffic to your site with the help of paid online advertising. What is the difference between SEM and SEO because the client pays for both the CEO and the CEM? The difference is in the speed of getting traffic and customers. CEM is just another name for Google for Google 

SEO optimization will perfectly complement contextual advertising, optimization in social networks since it includes, in addition to advertising, points on the technical optimization of the site (this may depend on the studio or the specialist performing SEO optimization since not all studios perform technical work within the framework of SEO optimization ), finalizing the site from the side of usability and the rest. That is, your site is not just advertised in the search. It also gets rid of all the “problems.”


What are the advantages of SEO optimization:


  • Your site will also be optimized for mobile search results.
  • Your site will be higher than competitors in the TOP because when you optimize the site, all errors that prevent the site from reaching the TOP will be found and eliminated. Competitors who conduct direct, after disabling advertising, will immediately leave the visibility zone.
  • Your site will be constantly updated/supplemented with new content information, which in the eyes of search engines will mean that they are working on the site, the site is essential, and it is in demand; you need to show it to people.
  • Your site’s link profile will grow gradually; the link mass will be supplemented with high-quality anchors.


What is SEO optimization for?

Any commercial site will not generate income without good traffic. There is a certain rule on the Internet – the more people visit the project, the more profit the owner has. What factors does this parameter depend on? First of all, on the amount of content and its quality. Only interesting, high-quality, useful pages prepared in accordance with all the rules of SEO optimization will be included in the TOP-10 search engines.

Search engine optimization of a site is aimed at making it an effective marketing tool by promoting the main key queries to the first positions of search engines.

And one more important step in preparation for SEO promotion: registration in the Yandex and Google webmaster panels , and setting up analytics. Setting goals in Yandex Metrica helps you track user behavior on the site and the conversion rate. This helps you to respond to changes in user behavior on time and correctly.

With us, SEO promotion ceases to be something complicated and mysterious – a set of simple basic actions can significantly improve your position in the search results and attract clients who were looking for you!

SEO copywriting

Writing texts for a website is not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance. The texts should be adapted for certain keywords – those by which the user will search for you. For this, the semantic core of the site is compiled. The semantic core is a set of keywords that most accurately define your line of business and the type of goods or services. Also SEO copywriting involves the distribution of keywords across the pages of the site. Thus, each page of the site becomes attractive and useful for the user – and he will remain on the site, no matter from which page he comes to it.

I have 15 Year experience in website development, blogging, Seo, Content writing, and Link building.

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