Do Sales Funnels Really Convert Better Than Traditional Landing Pages?

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Do Sales Funnels Really Convert Better Than Traditional Landing Pages?


If you are a beginner in the digital marketing world, you might be confused between landing pages and sales funnel. People often think they are the same, but that’s not true! They do have some significant differences, which leads to differences in conversion.


Wish to know more? Then read on as we explain these concepts and which one has better conversion rates.

What Are Landing Pages and Sales Funnels?

A landing page is just a stand-alone web page that uses online advertising campaigns, email marketing initiatives, and social media posts to gather welcome traffic. The only purpose of landing pages is to convert a visitor into a buyer. It encourages them to sign up to their website or buy their products or services.


Landing pages have simple designs with a CTA or call to action. King Kong’s landing page design bridges the first touchpoint, and the consequent content – the online store, website, or sales funnel.


Again, a sales funnel is an automated sequence of actions and pages that guides a potential customer to the final sale. It also refers to the process of turning a cold audience to a warm one to a paid customer.


Sales funnels have several web pages that direct the potential customer toward the final sales decision. Every page in a sales funnel has the opportunity to sell new or additional services or products. It means that funnels have multiple CTAs for different purposes.


Now that you know these two concepts let’s see which has a better conversion rate.

Which One Has Better Conversion Rates?

The sales funnel has much better conversion rates than traditional landing pages. You can generate new sales and leads every day with a good sales funnel. You won’t have to spend much time on marketing – you can peacefully focus on increasing your business, upgrading your products, and providing a good service.


With a sales funnel, your customer will only move forward i.e., closer to a sale. Your landing page can be a part of it. But the sales funnel on the whole will move your customer to purchase your product or service.


Here are the key ingredients of a successful sales funnel that helps to increase your website conversion rates –


  • Fuel

In this stage, an unqualified, fresh lead enters the funnel. It may have arrived due to a lucrative offer, a promise of good content, or any other unique selling point.


  • Foundation

Foundation is where the real magic begins. Here, the leads will move through the majority of your buyer’s journey. They learn about your product or service and are convinced about buying it.


  • Follow-up

Not everyone will buy after being convinced. And this is why the follow-up stage is important. Here, the sales funnel will focus on redirecting the exited leads. It will use email campaigns and retargeting ads to bring them back and ultimately make a purchase.


Now you know how a sales funnel can increase your customer base – much more than a simple landing page could. So hire a reliable web developer and get a sales funnel for your website too! All the best.

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