Rocket League: Tips and Tricks for the Autoball Career

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Rocket League: Tips and Tricks for the Autoball Career

Rocket League impressively proves that cars and football are a perfect combination. However, driving and ball physics require some training time. With our five tips and tricks for the Autoball game, you’ll get off to a good start and you’ll be celebrating your first victories very soon.

Rocket League: Tips and Tricks

If you don’t pay attention, you will catch one goal after the other, especially in a match against experienced opponents in Rocket League. The mix of racing game and soccer requires tactically smart behavior and targeted shots like in billiards though you have shinning battle car designed with Rocket League credits. So that the round really ends up in the square, we have summarized the five most important tips and tricks for a perfect start into the game for you.

  1. Don’t just chase the ball

Like the kids in the F-youth – they all run after the ball. Lots of Rocket League players go crazy after the ball. However, this is not always the right tactic, because the position towards the opponent and the ball is much more important. So watch the game situation and wait for your chance to attack. Try to anticipate and have the boost ready to get the ball at the right moment and use it.

  1. Always stay between your own goal and the ball

As in real football, playing without the ball is at least as important. You should always try to position yourself between your own goal and the ball. This way you make sure that you move the ball towards the opposing goal when it touches it. On the other hand, you run the risk of getting the ball into your own goal. With good positional play, you can act from a safe defense and start attacking yourself.

  1. Save Boost

The clever use of your boost can mean the difference between winning and losing. So make sure you always have some boost up your sleeve for crucial situations and scoring chances. In this way you are faster on the ball in the decisive dribbling or manage to fish the ball off your own goal line at the last moment. Also note the locations of the boost Rocket League items on the playing field, of which there are six. They refill your boost to 100% and are located in every corner of the field and in the middle on the sidelines.

  1. Use ramming attacks to push opponents off the field

Football in Rocket League is a game without rules. So take advantage of this and ram an enemy during the second phase of a boost to knock them off the field for a few seconds before they respawn again. This gives your team an advantage, as you are outnumbered for a short period. There are also extra points for the high score for such actions.

  1. Complete the training

Rocket League offers you five practice missions to get used to the game mechanics, which are divided as follows:






You do not have to complete it, but it is advisable to do it, as you learn all facets and strategies of the game and some typical situations in the game are simulated. You can also complete some training units at different levels of difficulty for a constant learning curve.

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