Some Things To Consider Before Renting a Truck With a Hitch

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You may want to rent a truck to tow something for many reasons. No matter your reason for renting a truck to do some towing, it is important to understand some basic facts before you get started.

Jot Down the Specific Reasons You Need To Rent a Truck for Towing

Before you head to a rental truck company to pick up a truck rental with hitch, list some of the reasons you are picking up this kind of truck. It is good to have this list in mind so that you can discuss your needs with your truck rental company.

For example, if you plan on towing something like a speedboat, you will likely not need any additional mirrors for your journey. If, however, you are planning on pulling something tall that will block your rearview, you will most certainly need extra side mirrors to drive safely.

When choosing a rental truck, one crucial thing to consider is what fuel it uses. Gasoline trucks offer a good general towing option, but a diesel truck is often a good choice when going longer distances or carrying heavier loads.

Another thing to remember is to ensure that your current auto insurance will cover any damages when operating a rental truck and towing something. If your insurance policy does not cover this type of operation, discuss this with your truck rental company.

Some of the Basic Things You Need To Know About Towing

When you tow something small and straightforward, it is generally pretty easy to do this kind of towing. If, for example, you are hauling a trailer with a couple of jet skis or dirt bikes on the back, the towing process should not be all that difficult.

No matter what you plan on towing, ensure you understand how much weight you will pull and how much will be inside the truck. It can be easy to overload a truck and exceed the payload capacity. If you do this, you can damage the rental truck and decrease the stability of the truck and the items you tow.

Beyond just the overall payload capacity of the truck, it is also essential to understand the tongue weight. This figure is the amount of force you are placing upon the trailer hitch. Once again, if you add too much weight, you can do damage to the hitch, and you could substantially decrease the stability of the items towed.

Before you start towing, one thing to consider is ensuring that all your equipment is working correctly. Take the time to connect the trailer to the rental truck at your home to ensure you can do this perfectly. It is better to practice this a couple of times before you hit the road and find out you’re not sure how to detach the trailer from the truck when you arrive at your final destination.

Another crucial thing to do before you start towing is to try backing up in your truck with a trailer attached. While this may seem relatively easy, controlling two different vehicles at once can be challenging.

Once you begin towing something, make sure you are making wide turns at places such as intersections. If you operate a rental truck with a hitch the same way you drive your car, there’s a good chance you will hit something making a tight turn.

If you are new to towing with a truck, start out by driving slowly and, if possible, make shorter trips. It is quite easy for a load that you are towing to begin fishtailing behind you when you drive too quickly. Stick to wide roads with plenty of lanes and fewer tight turns and curves to let you get the feel of towing something behind you.

Renting a truck with a hitch can be a great way to tow something for pleasure or utility. Follow all the steps outlined here to ensure your trip in your truck is safe, fun, and effective.

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