Reasons To Clean Your Motorcycle Engine

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Any engine being used is bound to get a lot of grease, dust, and dirt on it. If you’ve ever wondered how those perfectly spotless motorcycle engines you see on social media got that way, you’ve probably never cleaned yours. There are several reasons to learn how to clean motorcycle engine parts thoroughly and properly. Here’s A Few:

A Clean Engine Is A Happy Engine

Firstly, if you clean your engine properly, it will be able to run more efficiently. This will save your running costs (less fuel consumption) and also keep your engine running for longer because it is less prone to breaking down from damage caused due to overheating. It is also much safer because built up grease in your engine can find its way into the wrong parts of your bike.

Selling A Bike Is Easier When The Engine Is Clean

Think about it – whenever you are selling something, it makes sense to display it in its best condition. Of course, a clean engine will allow potential buyers to really get a good look at the engine, and will also give your bike a well-cared-for look. This means that people are more likely to buy your motorcycle if you have taken the time to wash it.

Cleaning Helps Prevent Corrosion

Whether you have some accumulated road salt or other material on your bike’s engine, it can cause corrosion in the long run and seriously damage your ride. That is why most riders tend to keep a clean engine – caring for your ride will help it last longer.

A Note On Using Degreasers And Other Chemicals

Searching online for ways to clean your motorcycle’s engine will inevitably land you a slew of chemicals and degreasers that can be used to speed up the process. However, it is worth mentioning that most of these chemicals are harmful and can even damage the paint finish on your bike if you’re not careful. Many motorcycle riders have been able to clean their engines successfully using the simple household dish soap and little scrubbing. There’s nothing better than a little bit of elbow grease to make sure everything is spotless without damaging your bike.

If you do opt to use a degreaser, make sure it specifically states somewhere on the packaging that it is suitable for use on bikes so as not to cause any serious damage. The same engine degreasers and chemicals that are used for cars are often used for motorcycles, but it is best to double check.


Cleaning your motorcycle engine is good for more than those Instagram picks. Remember that the longer you wait between washes, the harder it will be to make that engine spotless, so try to stick to a relatively frequent schedule of engine cleaning. Research the best way to clean your specific model on the internet, and watch a lot of tutorials before you attempt anything on your own. Once you get into the habit of cleaning your engine, you probably will never be able to ride on a dirty engine for long.

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