Protect Your Water Tanks From Impurities; Drink Safe Water

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Water is life. But this is true only for pure drinking water and not true for impure water. In fact, the impure water that is polluted with chemicals or other impurities in water tanks is the biggest cause of worldwide deaths.

In countries where pure drinking water is not available, kids can’t grow normally and they grow with so many disabilities and health diseases are common in those countries.

So, when we say that water is life, we should also understand that it is a threat to life if it is contaminated with chemicals, dust, debris, and bacteria.

How Drinking Water Gets Contaminated?

There are various sources of water that we drink and store in the water tanks. Here are a few causes of contaminated water. While you are storing the water, or when drinking water from outside, you should keep these things in mind so that you can obtain fresh and healthy water for yourself, and for your family and loved ones. You should also get safe and pure water for your pets as well, they also need good quality water otherwise they can also get ill by drinking the polluted water.

Normally the flowing water in lakes and water streams is clean and you can drink that water if you are on a hiking or on traveling the hill stations with your family members or with your friends or with a tour group that is arranged by a tour agency. When you drink water from such sources, make sure that there is no pollution around that area. No human feces or animal feces should be seen around that area, otherwise, that water is polluted and you should not drink that water.

Or, there should not be any industry or factory that leaves its water in the water streams, lakes, or rivers. The water coming from such factories is polluted and has a lot of chemicals that are dangerous for the health. Even the pollution they have that mixed in the air can contaminate the drinking water.

If you are getting the groundwater from an area where you have a lot of industry and factories then the underground water is also contaminated with the chemicals and exhaust of the factories and industries.

The maintenance of water tanks is also important, as the water in your water tanks can also get polluted if it is not properly sealed. Dust and debris along with a lot of bacteria can enter into the water tank and can contaminate the water that can cause so many health problems for not only yourself but for your family and especially for the little kids as well.

How to Maintain Water Tanks in Good Condition?

Now, if you want to drink fresh and healthy water when you are in your sweet home, it is important to maintain the water tank in good condition so that the water should not be contaminated with the pollution outside of the water tank and inside the tank as well. Here is how you can keep your drinking water clean in the water tank.

  • Yearly Inspection: The yearly inspection of the water tanks is very important. When you call some buildings inspection experts to inspect your home you can ask them to do the inspection of your water tank as well. They are experts so they can do this job for you with perfection. Or, if you don’t want to ask them, you can do the inspection of the water tank yourself as well.
  • Install Water Filter: Installing a water filter plant before the water goes into the water tanks is very useful. If you have a simple filtration system it will remove many types of polluted items like dust, dirt, small particles in the water, rust, and bacteria as well. So, when filtered water goes into the tank, it will keep safe. Otherwise, the contaminated water can be dangerous for the life of the water tanks as the bacteria and other particles deposit on the water in and water out spots that can cause the water tank to decrease the life and it can create water leaks as well.
  • Disinfect Water Tank Regularly: Disinfection of the water tank is important for a healthy life and healthy water. Twice in a year is recommended but if you can’t do that, then at least once a year you must disinfect your water tanks. You can either call experts for this task or you can do it yourself as well as it is not difficult. You can use bleach and water mixture for this purpose.

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