3 Factors To Get Professional Business Website on a Budget?

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Getting a professional business website is very important to compete with the competitors in a local or global business. Many business owners believe that getting a professional website is expensive. If you have a little knowledge about what is the requirement of a website, then you can get a professional business website on a budget.

Most important things that you need to get a website are as follow:

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting Account
  • Website Design

These are the most common things that you should spend on while creating your business website. Let’s talk about these, one by one.

Domain Name

A domain name is the website address that is used to access your website on the internet. Like if you want to access our website, then you have to type the domain name WebHostingOffer.org in the browser.

You can purchase a domain name from 0$ i.e. 100% free to thousands and millions of dollars depending on the name of the domain. Many hosting providers offer you a free domain name with .com TLD. So, if the domain name you are looking to create a professional business website is available for free, you should get that and should not spend money on it.

But if you have a big brand name, and someone already purchased a domain of your brand name, then you should try to get that domain at a higher price. Don’t go too high that can break your budget, but at least try to find your branded domain name if you can afford it by spending a few extra bucks.

You can buy domain names from Godaddy, NameCheap, BlueHost, or other renowned companies. You can also select your domain name registrar with the selection of your hosting provider.

Hosting Account

A hosting account is a webspace where you keep the files of your website. This is something like your computer where you keep your local files to access them later on. While on the hosting account, your files are saved on the servers that can be accessed by any person who has the rights and how knows the domain name of your website.

There are different packages for different hosting accounts from different hosting providers. The hosting prices depend on the technology, resources, and the company’s reputation.

If you need a simple business website that displays your services or a few products, then you should for a shared hosting account that is provided by almost every hosting provider in the world. Prices of shared hosting accounts start from as low as $1.99 USD per month to $10 USD per month.

If you are going to developed a professional business website for your big eCommerce store, that has thousands of products, then a shared hosting account will not be suitable for you. In this case, you should go for a dedicated server or at least a VPS hosting account.

A dedicated hosting server provides you more space, more resources, and more powerful hardware that helps your website to keep running even when you have high traffic volume on the site.

A VPS hosting has features of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting servers. You can learn more about VPS hosting here.

Website Design

A website design is a layout of your website or a way you represent your data in a beautiful way to the end-user. A good website design can provide you more leads by engaging the visitors.

You can get the website design for FREE but the free designs are the general designs that might be missing some features that are most important for your website.

You can easily find a well-reputed company that can make a dedicated professional, yet cheap web design for your website. Remember that, a cheap web design doesn’t mean poor quality with no clue how to navigate between the different pages of the website.

A cheap web design will still have all the required functions with the latest web technology that supports responsive design and a mobile-friendly user-interface.

Though you can get in the trap of the web design companies who eat all your budget for creating a high priced website design. Moreover, every time you need to make a change in the design, they will charge you again and again.

Whereas, you can find good companies that provide cheap web designs with full control on your site and they charge a very low amount if you need to make minor changes in the design. They also provide you free support as well for the first year.

Final Words

So, in short, you can get a professional business website on a budget, if you select your domain name with the best price. Don’t look for the premium domains unless it is a must for your brand name. Even then, you can avoid the premium name by changing the TLD to a local TLD.

The last thing is to get a professional, responsive, and eye-catchy design from a good and professional local web design company that can create your design at a cheap price.

I have 15 Year experience in website development, blogging, Seo, Content writing, and Link building.

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