How To Protect Your Product From External Environment

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We Offer High-Quality Popcorn Boxes Wholesale All Over the USA and Canada:

Popcorns are exultantly loved snakes for all age groups. Most people like to eat popcorn while watching their favorite shows, games, or movies in the cinema and theater, etc. The demand for this delicate snake, rapidly increasing in the USA and UK that also enhance the demand for its packaging. Packaging plays a significant role to keep the popcorns fresh and crunchy.

If you want to make a bulk order and are on the hunt for the best customizing company then you do not need to wonder anymore. You are at the right place to buy the packaging for the highest-rated item. iCustomBoxes is a well-known name in the packaging industry, where you can get premium-quality popcorn boxes wholesale at affordable rates. Here at ICB, you do not need to pay shipping charges because we offer fast and free delivery all over the USA and Canada.

Apart from this, we give a great discount to our valued clients. We aim to give the maximum benefits to you. The low price does not mean the quality of the popcorn packaging is fragile, ICB always provides premium quality and error-free packaging boxes, and our quality and low rates become our identity. We do not just earn the trust of national but also international clients. We design the custom popcorn boxes with quality inks and material in any design according to your requirements.

Popcorn Boxes Wholesale Easy to Carry with Stunning Styles:

ICB is offering an unbeatable variety of boxes of every size. Always choose the size according to the amount of the popcorns because the size of the packaging matters a lot. Inappropriate size can disappoint the customers, and it may create a negative impression of your brand. When customers buy the popcorn in the large box, they assume a large amount of popcorn in it but when they find a little amount in the extra-large boxes it will be a disappointment for them.

Choosing the precise size is the most important key factor of the packaging. Moreover, popcorn boxes wholesale are available in many styles, you can also get the popcorn party boxes for the kids’ party. The style of the boxes is always made by keeping in mind the target audience. We offer the best styles; our expert designers have an idea of how to design unique popcorn boxes wholesale, that are convenient to hold.

We introduce some cool features that can give you amazing results. A window die-cut with a high-quality PVC sheet allows the customers to have a direct look at the mouth-watering item securely. You can have popcorn boxes wholesale with a handle, it will be an easy carrier of this delicious snack. You can have any style and size of your need at ICB.

Packaging with Inspiring Colors:

Popcorns is a hot selling item, especially outside the theater and cinema. Your tempting popcorn boxes wholesale with magnetic colors can easily grab the attention of people. Everyone wants to have popcorns while watching their favorite TV show or games. Therefore, you can contact us, because our professional will provide you with the popcorn boxes wholesale with the perfect balance of color and design.

To give inspiring colors to your packaging we use PMS and CMYK color techniques. You can have these boxes with a single color or with a combination of different colors. Furthermore, the packaging is not just bound with the protection of the product. It is a bonus for your business. Advertise your brand by printing your brand logo on the boxes. It will save you money. You do not need to print pamphlets for the promotion of your brand.

You have a great opportunity to spread your brand logo or name through the printed popcorn boxes wholesale. ICB offers advanced printing techniques, for example, 2D/3D printing, offset printing, and digital printing, to make your popcorn boxes alluring and tempting.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Packaging:

People do not just like the esthetically appealing packaging, but in this modern era, they are also aware of the importance of environmental safety. Therefore, companies offer cardboard for the secure packaging of the popcorn that is also eco-friendly and causes no harm to the environment.

We also prefer to use eco-friendly material because we do not want to take the risk to put the life of the customers in danger by providing harmful packaging material. Popcorn comes in different flavors like caramel, salty, and pepper, etc. So, these nature-friendly materials are the best to retain their taste.

These boxes can also be used again for keeping the candies and other stuff. Consider us to customize your ideal popcorn boxes wholesale, it will be an amazing experience for you, and we assure you that it will help to enhance your business in a short time, and also help you to get maximum profit.

Browse Trendy and Colorful Noodle Boxes at iCustomboxes:

Let’s present everyone’s favorite and hot selling item uniquely. This item is not belonging to a specific age group. People of every age love to eat this tasty food. Therefore, the packaging of this high reputed and relish item should be accordingly, the packaging that can be according to its high stature and position.

For this, ICB is the best name that provides the most trendy and colorful noodle boxes according to the requirements of the clients. Come to our site at to see the immense variety of packaging. You can make any alteration in the style of the noodle boxes according to your need and wish. At ICB, you can have free professional support.

You can make any amendment in the boxes, even you can also have a free mock sample that can save your time and money. In this fast-growing era, where every person has a busy schedule, noodles are considered instant food. These disposable handy noodle boxes make life easy. You can take them anywhere and eat while standing or walking easily. You can have a handle in the boxes that help in taking away the food.

Product Design and Branding are Connected:

Give a touch of your brand theme in the noodle boxes. Set your brand identity with innovative and luxury packaging, and tell the world you are the best among all your competitors. You can talk about your brand through the packaging. It is also a golden opportunity for to you, send a little amount of money and promote your brand.

Always try to choose the best design that suits your brand. You can avail of the services of our experts to acquire the best-in-class and flawless noodle boxes with the stunning brand logo. Our professionals have great experience to use advanced technology to bring richness to your packaging. You can have embossed and debossed to print your brand elements.

Apart from these, you can also ask us for silver and gold foiling. It will give a shimmery and luxurious look to the packaging and make the customers able to see your product from a distance. We can help you to customize noodle boxes, with creative ideas at affordable rates, that will prove satisfactory for your customers.

Your One-Stop Shops for the Coolest and Cutest Stationery:

You can divert the customers’ attention towards your product with tempting packaging when they come to buy other things in the store. Our great team has all the mastery and great abilities to make the packaging attractive. An ideal packaging is that which can grab the customer just at first glance and help the retailer not to bargain with the customers.

These noodle boxes can also be utilized for many other food items. Just a few clicks to place an order can change your life. Custom printed noodle boxes with brand logos can take your business to the next level and provide you the maximum benefits. You can ask us anytime to get the facility of 2D/3D Printing, Offset Printing, and Digital Printing.

Clarity and Simplicity:

Clarity and simplicity in the packaging make it unique. One important thing, that every food supplier should keep in mind is to print the food details on the boxes. In this modern age, people are very health conscious. The essential details on the boxes will help them to make a decision, that which flavor they want to buy. Always try to choose the simple typography for printing the product details, that can be convenient for the people to read.

Colors for the typography should be easily visible. You can have a free quote on the boxes. Ask us for the Glossy and Matt finish. To keep balance, we also offer the UV spot. To use all these features on the custom food boxes we prefer to use cardboard. Rigid cardboard boxes are best to keep secure the noodles from all kinds of harmful environmental factors such as dust, moisture, humidity, etc.

Cardboard boxes retain the taste of the food and keep it fresh for a long time. These eco-friendly boxes also help you to keep the earth pollution-free because these boxes decompose easily as compared to plastic which takes years to decompose.

Shelf Impact:

Our printed noodle boxes with amazing features like window die-cut and mesmerizing printing can help you to enhance the beauty of your shelves. Die-cut with a PVC sheet help to showcase the product securely, and grab the customers’ attention and force them to buy this mouth-watering item.

Energetic colors and your stunning logo will increase the worth of your product and make it prominent among the other items on the shelf. iCustom Boxes provide its services to facilitate its honorable clients and provide them maximum benefits by providing them their desired packaging boxes at low rates.

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