Police issued a search warrant at Chula Vista’s house

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A new search warrant was issued to Maya Milete, 39, at her California home, on Friday, four months after she went missing.

The Chula Vista police station issued a warrant at Maya and Larry Milete’s house around 4:30 pm.

Maya’s family lawyer, Billy Little, claimed that a large number of officers and several carcass dogs had entered the house.

A neighbor told Fox News that about 12 police cars and vans arrived at the residence at 5 pm local time and were still there at 6:45 pm.

Mayamirete went missing on January 7, and was reported missing three days later.

Mayamirete (taken with her husband Larry) went missing on January 7th.

CBS News 8 also reports that vehicles on the premises appeared to be being searched.

“We are trying to maintain the integrity of the investigation,” said Lieutenant Frank Jaime, who does not want to say much about the search.

Police wore tactical equipment, but it’s not clear why the new search warrant was executed on Friday.

A new search warrant was executed at Mayamirete’s home on Friday afternoon.

A couple with three children.Maya’s family says they were discussing frequently

Maya was last seen at home on January 7, where she made an appointment with a divorce lawyer. She was reported missing three days later on January 10.

A search for a house and a car was conducted on the day and the next day. On January 12, Larry admitted that the two had been in dispute before Maya disappeared.

But she hasn’t been seen for four months since then. Larry, who had been married to Maya for 21 years, stopped working three weeks after she went missing and hired a lawyer.

The search warrant was first issued at home on January 23 and is the first of the 23 police-executed warrants.

Mayamirete was reported missing on January 10 after seeking a divorce lawyer

According to ABC 10News, Chula Vista police issued a warrant at Larry’s relatives’ house on April 1.

Meanwhile, volunteers continue to scrutinize the area in search of clues to Maya’s disappearance.

Police have conducted 56 interviews so far and considered at least 55 tips related to her disappearance.

Maya mysteriously tried to ask a local divorce lawyer anonymously for advice on Facebook hours before she disappeared.

The family revealed that the couple’s marriage was at a loss and Maya was preparing to apply for a divorce.

Maya shared a post with a Facebook group for her mother the same day she disappeared in April, claiming she was seeking advice from a local family law office on behalf of her “friend.” It became clear.

Larry has not been arrested for the disappearance of his three mothers, and no one else has been arrested.

“Seeking a Friend-Have You Used or Experienced San Diego’s Joint Practice Services for Divorce? Looking for Insight? Positive / Negative Aspects?” She wrote, Fox. The news reported.

The group’s moderators told the news station that Maya was likely claiming to be seeking friends as “a desperate attempt to remain anonymous.”

She finally made an appointment with divorce lawyer Marisa Nahale the following week, but went missing before they met.

Maya’s sister, Maricris Druillette, told Fox News that her brother was thinking of leaving her husband last year.

“I think she was ready in December, and then she finally decided to apply for the divorce that day,” she said.

Maya’May’Mirete, 39, disappeared in January a few days before she was scheduled to meet with a divorce lawyer to discuss leaving her husband Larry.

Shortly before Maya disappeared, the family went camping.Her relatives say it was clear that she and Larry had been discussing and their relationship was over.

Maya’s brother-in-law previously told the DailyMail.com that she went on a camping trip shortly before she disappeared, and she and Larry were in dispute in the meantime.

“They had a lot of discussion, and it was a bit uncomfortable. It was strange because the rally was behaving differently. He wasn’t behaving like the rally.

“He was behaving differently … they were over. The relationship was done. You could just say,” said Richard Druillette.

Maya’s family is convinced that it was his fault that Maya disappeared. The day before, they say she told them: “If something happens to me, it’s a rally.”

Anonymous sources told Fox News in April that Larry had offered to kill Hitman by paying $ 20,000 last summer for allegedly having an affair with his wife.

Sources said he was still talking about it in January, before Maya went missing, and he looked “quite serious” about it.

Maya’s family upheld the allegation that Larry suspected she was having an affair.

One of his unnamed relatives told FOX that he apparently said about his boyfriend, “I want to do something to that fool.”

They didn’t check if she was having an affair, or if Larry just suspected she was having an affair.

Four months after she went missing, police issued a search warrant at Chula Vista’s house in Mayamirete.

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