Steps to Achieve the PMI ACP Certification

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Because agile methodology has shown new ways of IT project management, certified agile practitioners have obtained significant interests to run a successful project. There is a hobby for preparation for PMI-ACP certification which is the most recognized agile project management certification throughout the world. These cross-domain agile certification have correctly matched the standardization needs of agile processes that long for a live community for some time. Not only the project manager, but also for developers agile PMI-ACP exam preparation is a giant leap towards a successful agile implementation.

However, the outline of the Course prescribed PMI is the preparation of certified certified PMI-agile practitioners that are the only key to break the test even if you have agile experience. So on this blog, we have detailed the facts about preparation for PMI-ACP certification that will definitely give you a good idea of how to prepare for the PMI-ACP certification exam and work on an instrument for the next PMI-ACP certification preparation guide.

How to prepare for the PMI ACP certification exam?

PMI-ACP is one of the top agile certifications that have gained popularity among nimble professionals. It’s hard too, so someone needs to learn hard and prepare well to pass the PMI-ACP certification exam. To help you in preparation for your PMI-ACP certification, here we bring a step-by-step preparation guide for the PMI-ACP certification exam. Let’s go forward.

Step 1: Know the feasibility – the first step for preparation for PMI ACP certification

Step 2: Get acquainted with the PMI – ACP certification line

Step 3: Familiar with the previous exam pattern

This test is online and needs to be attended from metric centers

The exam will ask 120 multiple choice questions while each question will have four choices

The specified period of time to answer all questions is 3 hours (180 minutes)

The question might also be the right type of question or wrong

There is no negative sign for the wrong answer

You need to answer questions one by one and continue to the next question only after you are done with the current question

You can mark the current question as ‘later to be reviewed’ if you are unsure about the answer at that time. However, unless you mark it as reviewed and delete the sign, you will not be able to click the Send button.

You can navigate back and forth through as many questions as you want within the specified time limit

You will not be able to modify the answer after you click the Send button

Follow the PMI book and reference as a PMI-ACP certification preparation guide

Step 4: Prepare to face the type of question that will be asked in the exam

This is one of the stepping stones in exam preparation and maybe the most effective way to deal with it. After you get acquainted with the type of question filed in the PMI-ACP exam, you will get a fair idea about how to forward the PMI-ACP certification exam with a broad study area. Well, in the test you can expect three main questions:

Direct questions from the outline of the exam content

This is a pretty easy question that you can answer easily if you are experienced with agile concepts and topics discussed in courses. Here one point must be remembered that you must refer the latest handbook because PMI continues to change their outline of the exam. However, the number of direct questions is a little. Therefore, you must be prepared for other types of questions.

Scenario-based questions

These questions are a complicated part of the exam, and interesting for most questions in the scenario-based exam. Here you will be given several scenarios that are often faced by project managers in real time, and you need to answer how you will handle the scenario. Moreover, PMI expects you to answer by PMI. What does it mean? They want to check how you will handle problems after the principle of PMI-ACP.

Step 5: Follow the book for Preparation for Certified PMI Practitioner Certification

PMI-ACP certification exams check your theoretical and practical skills and no doubt, there is no test preparation that can be completed without a good book. Books are the main source that gives us the core concept in a more detailed way. Similarly, the following are books that you must consider as a very good guide to preparation for PMI-ACP certification.

PMI-ACP Handbook by PMI

This is a reference guide from PMI-ACP trainingand provides all information about the exam. It is available online from the PMI website in PDF format, and you have to go through this handbook before it appears for the exam to check all information related to the exam.

PMI-ACP Examination Outline Content by PMI

This book is also available in PDF format on the PMI website, and must follow the book for PMI-ACP candidates. It provides information related to the blueprint of the exam, domain, subdomain, and tasks allocated for each domain. In addition, this provides a detailed understanding of the principles and concepts of agile associated with each task.

PMI-ACP exam preparation by Mike Griffiths

This is the best book to read agile principles and development. Furthermore, one must refer to this book not only to pass the PMI-ACP certification exam but also for better development knowledge about agile, techniques and different tools.

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