6 Things To Consider While Picking The Right Rental Accommodation

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6 Things To Consider While Picking The Right Rental Accommodation


If you are looking forward to moving to a new city like Pune, then the first thing you need to do is find a place to live. If you want a low-cost accommodation option and thus, looking for single rooms for rent in Pune but do not know how to pick the right one from many available, you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we have listed some vital things that will help you to select the appropriate rental accommodation option.

  • Check whether the room truly exists: Nowadays, you can find scammers everywhere, especially on digital platforms. Property platforms have become the major source of scamming. Scammers either use websites to scam people or directly contact the individual they are going to scam. Usually, in direct contact scams, the person is asked to provide a deposit in advance to receive the room’s keys that actually do not exist. And in the case of scams through the websites, a fake website is built, appearing as the real one. Before you further use the rental websites, you must check if the company really exists or not through the address provided on the webpage. Always remember the true existence of the room before making payments, either online or offline.
  • Choose the appropriate location: The second largest proportion of the monthly income is spent on transportation. Almost every person now looks for a room providing easy access to work or school so that commuting expenses can be saved. One of the most important benefits of renting a room is that you can save the traveling cost, and it also offers the flexibility to change the accommodation location with the change in the location or workplace. For instance, it is great for a working individual to rent a room near his or her workplace. For the student, it is better to rent a room nearby the school. The second consideration should be proximity to the shopping complex, hospitals, or grocery shop.
  • Determine the rental budget: The most important factor to consider before renting a room is money. Have you determined the monthly budget you can and are willing to spend on the monthly rent? If not, then prepare the same. Your budget will act as the perfect basis on which you can select and non-select different rental options. For instance, you can shortlist the rooms the rent of which falls under your budget and discard the options out of your budget. After you discover the room suiting to your budget requirements, check if the utility bill is also included in the rent, and after the inclusion of the same, is these payments still suits your budget?
  • Check the exact condition of the room: Let’s imagine that you have found your dream rental room on an online portal. The advertised pictures of the room appear to be perfect with a newly remodelled room, great facilities, and new furniture. And by seeing these amazing pictures, you decide to rent it. But when you arrive at the destination, you find nothing the same as what appeared in the pictures. The room is old, furniture has worn out, and utilities are not working. You are not at all satisfied with the condition of your room, but now there is no option but to live in the same because you have already paid rent. To prevent such a situation, you must plan to visit the particular room in person and check its exact condition.
  • Consider safety and security: Safety and security are of utmost importance when renting a property, especially to live alone. Just ask your landlord if the room and the neighbourhood are equipped with full safety and security. If you rent a room in the housing society, check if enough guards are hired, and the locality is equipped with security cameras. Also, ensure that the neighbourhood you are planning to move to is not much nosy but vigil. Check the prevailing crime rate in the particular area.
  • Know about the reputation of the landlord: While there are some good landlords in the market, you may also come across the ones having a bad reputation for treating their clients, especially the students. These types of landlords either overcharge their tenants once they have shifted to their rented property or refuse to return the amount paid as an advance deposit. Before you rent any particular room, it is recommended to have references from the students or working people living in the rental properties at nearby places. Also, before you sign the rental agreement, make sure to read it carefully to protect yourself from scams.


Although it is quite challenging and exhausting to find a single room on rent in Pune these above-mentioned tips will help you find your dream rental accommodation.

A formal form with details and some of the basic terms is required to convert an agreement into a legal contract. For example, in the case of a dwelling, one party may offer a residential rental application letter to another party, requesting acceptance of the rent proposal.


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