5 Smart Ways to Pass the CompTIA Certification Exam

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If you are appearing for the CompTIA Network+ exam, you will have to do some serious studying and gain deep knowledge about networking technologies. Then, when it comes to beginners, only gaining knowledge will not help because they may not understand the type of questions asked, thus putting them in an adverse situation compared to first or second-time candidates taking up the course.

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, if you would like to make a promising career in IT, CompTIA courses are your best choice for a raise in the paycheck.

In this article, we will walk you through the five smart to pass the exam with outstanding results. Read on to learn more.

  1. Identify the hints

When you are appearing for the exam, try to identify the phrases or keywords in the question. You need to focus on the words with capital letters because they are printed in capital for a valid reason. For example, if you are finding it difficult to answer a specific question, you can think of a method to solve the problem surrounding the keywords or capital words. Try this tactic because it will help you answer the questions in a better way.

  1. Manage time with performance-based questions (PBQs)

You need to learn time management when it comes to the PBQs, which is essential for attaining success in the CompTIA Network courses. PBQ tests your problem-solving skills, which take much of your time to answer a question. While answering a Network+ question, which is PBQ-based, you should evaluate the problem before attempting the same and finally solving it.

Solve the easy questions first and then attempt the ones that you are not so familiar with during the exam. It will help you save time for answering difficult questions.

  1. Learn from the questions

A couple of times, your answer to a preceding question might disclose itself in the questions that appear later in the exam. If you spot a hint from a question, it will help you answer an old question. This way, you can re-attempt all such questions that you skipped initially.

  1. Make the most of assumptions and exclusions

When it comes to multiple-choice questions or MCQs, often the correct answer could be answered if you know the incorrect answers. If there are four alternatives, you will do away with the wrong answers and answer the question correctly or make informed guesswork. Remember that there is no negative scoring in CompTIA course exams.

  1. Answer all questions

You know there is no negative marking even if you answer incorrectly. Therefore, do not skip questions, but answer all of them. Try the easy questions first and then move to the tough ones. When it comes to PBQs, keep maximum time for this section because you will need time to think, analyze, and then answer the questions. Solve the MCQs first and use guesswork and elimination to answer them correctly. Answering all questions will help you score the maximum marks.


Now that you have these useful, clever tips handy, implement them while preparing for CompTIA course exams. Study well and you will crack the test.




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