Serious mass For Non gym goers

Serious mass India For Non gym goers

Mass gainer is one of the most heard supplements in the fitness industry due to its fast weight gaining formula. You must be wondering that people join the gym to get rid of weight and I am talking here about weight gaining. Yes, you are right to some extent but there are some other things that you should know which is when we talk about weight gaining we generally mean mass gaining. It comprises muscles and bones weight that is good for overall health and wellness. Serious mass is world wide famous for its effectiveness to gain mass. This is why on serious mass India is getting popularity so rapidly. But here we are trying to find out whether it is good for non gym goers.


Mass Gainer in Nepal :
Serious mass gainer pick up requires genuine calories. In any case, the individuals who need the additional calories regularly have the toughes tedious enought of them.


Genuine weight pick up requires genuine calories. Be that as it may, the individuals who need the additional calories frequently have the toughes tedious enought of them. For some seeking to be greater exceptionally dynamic digestion systems, more vulnerable cravings and on-the-run ways of life make devouring adequate calories through entire nourishments alone a genuine test. With Serious Mass, you have nothing to lose and parts to pick up. We’ve combined 1,250 calories, 50 grams of protein, 252 grams of starches, 25 nutrients and minerals, glutamine and creatine into each serving. It’s an ideal opportunity to quit thinking little; quit fooling around – Serious Mass.


  • 1,250 Calories for every serving in water; 1,640 calories when made with low fat milk.
  • 50 grams of protein.
  • 252 grams of Carbohydrates to help powering of extreme exercises and help in the recharging of Glycogen stores – with no additional sugar.
  • Incorporates Creatine, L-Glutamine and Glutamine Peptides, Choline, Inositol, PABA, and MCTs.


Non Gym Goers and Serious mass:

For knowing on serious mass india is good for non gym goers, you have to understand the ingredients the supplement comprises and their benefits.

  • Protein amount: For gaining muscle, strength, faster muscle recovery, and new tissue production, you need a good amount of protein which takes care of your hair, skin, and other body functions. Serious mass consists of 100 % protein in the supplement. The protein is whey protein which is considered the best quality protein around the world. In one serving of 334 gram of the supplement, protein is 50 gram which is great for healthy weight and muscle mass gain.


  • Carbohydrates and calories: In every serving, there are 254 grams carbohydrates and 1263 calories that take care of ceaseless energy supply so that you will get energy for your daily activities. If it is more than you burn in a day, your body will store it as a fat. It is a good thing for skinny people and helpful for gaining weight. If you don’t do exercises, you are still consuming it, you can see the results. But it is always better to have it with a combination of light weight training that helps you to get the effective results.


  • Vitamins and Minerals: Macronutrients like protein, carbs, & fats are very important for various body functions but micronutrients have their own benefits. Micronutrients are also known as vitamins and minerals which are necessary for a healthy immune system. Serious mass is a rich source of 23 essential vitamins and minerals that help the body  to function properly. These vitamins and minerals are also good effects on the persons who are not regular with gym or training. But if you take the supplement daily, you feel like working out daily as the supplement consists of creatine, glutamic acid, inositol, choline, L-Glutamine, and many more.


On Serious mass India is quite effective if it is consumed in milk three times in a day with a combination of intense exercises. For non gym goers especially the skinny people, it works as it consists of all the required nutrients which are necessary for gaining muscle mass. But before including the supplement in your daily routine, you must consult with an expert or doctor as there may be side effects of taking the higher amount.


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