MongoDB Developer Course

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In this era of the internet revolution, what web and application developers need is flexibility and scalability, with the help of which they can make their projects fast and efficient.

And that extent of flexibility and scalability is only offered by MongoDB technology. That is why it is becoming one of the most used technologies to create and design the best websites and applications.

So to start your career in this field, you need a MongoDB developer certification. Here you will get the complete information on the same.

Course Overview

As is mentioned above that this technology is used to make the process more flexible and scalable, so here you have to work with that only. Here you will learn MongoDB through a comprehensive learning course.

The aim of this course is not to fetch some sorts of certificates but to impart education on your future roles. Here you are well trained with your future job responsibilities and challenges and how you can perform the best in your work environment.

After the completion of this course, you will become a master of the art of queries, schema design, data aggregation, and CRUD.

You will also understand the scalability using sharding and replication in this course. And also learned how to write code, hands-on with cloud labs, and build real-world projects.

With this course, you will acquire applicable skills for MongoDB and can discover the strength and weaknesses of teams so you can improve. You can also measure skill progress with the appropriate data.

The course starts with the MongoDB architecture and then moves forward with CRUD operations. So in this course, you will learn all the things starting from basics to advance.

If you are a MongoDB database administrator or developer, specialist aspirant, then this course is very useful for you. After this course, you can also apply for DBA professionals, principal database engineers, and other fields where this technology is used.

Course Content

The course covers everything that is important to learn in the MongoDB field. The classes are online and well planned with a lesson plan.

All the mentors are industry leaders and use their years of experience to guide you and solve your queries. The sessions are very interactive, and you can ask your queries or can discuss anything related to the topic.

Quizzes, question-answer sessions, and group discussions are parts of the classes. The classes are consist of both practical and theory work, and you have a real time problem assignments.

You will also get reviews on your assignments and how you can improve them. Talking about the topics covered, there are many things which you will learn.

With this course, you will be able to translate business requirements into technical specs and can implement the right indexes for performance improvement.

In the course, you will learn MongoDB and its basics and then move ahead with the fundamentals of MongoDB, CRUD operations, schema design and modeling, advanced operations, replication and sharding, administration and security, and its integration with other applications.

You can also learn how to implement optimal backup and recovery and can detect performance problems with Mongo Profiler and MMS. With this course, you will learn to evaluate, plan and perform the BD upgrades.

In the course, you will learn backup and how to restore collections using JSON files, and understand the customer requirements and environments, and while working, you know how to fulfill them.

After this course, you can build decent, scalable, and efficient solutions for your company and can build configurations that will meet the required criteria.


Before starting the course, you must have some skills that will help you in fast learning. You must possess knowledge of Java or any other programming language, database concepts, and a text editor such as ‘Vi.’

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