Importance Of Middle Funnel Marketing In Real Estate

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Businesses like Real Estate involve several complex operations running at both the front-end and back-end. The sales and marketing division is the heart and soul of any Real Estate business. Thus, it becomes imperative to implement a solid marketing funnel strategy. A marketing funnel is a process of breaking down the client’s journey from “awareness” (when they first hear about the company) to “purchase” (when they become ready to transact for the product or service offered). It is useful in analysing how effective are the marketing or sales processes and strategies implemented and optimises those processes toward a common goal. 

What is the middle funnel marketing stage in Real Estate?

It is the stage where the possibilities of converting leads into customers are the highest. The possibility of converting leads is highest at the mid-funnel stage of marketing. If prospects enjoy the services and solutions offered, a relationship full of confidence and trust gets established with the brand. It increases their chances of coming onboard significantly.

Real Estate Developers should present their brand and stay at the forefront of potential leads’ minds. Advertising across multiple platforms is the finest approach to promote a brand. A Real Estate CRM aids in the best possible engagement of the audience.

While in the research stage, a customer is curious to gain as much information as possible and then take any decision whether to engage with the brand or not based on the solution offered. One of the most typical reasons that potential clients abandon a project is because the solution does not accommodate their requirements.

Developers should use a CRM to avoid losing leads while keeping their brand identity in their mind. Using a reputable Real Estate CRM assists in the sales strategy by identifying drips in the sales funnel and modernising the conversion process.

Various elements to keep in mind while advertising to leads at the mid-funnel stage-

When marketers talk about the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel content of marketing and sales process, they refer to the idea that marketing involves driving more traffic to the business website to promote the product and services. Some aspects to be kept in mind while advertising to leads in mid-stage include-

1. Type of content to use in ads-

The focus needs to be on content marketing, one of the finest marketing funnel strategies. It makes it easier for the audience to connect with the solutions offered by Real Estate Developers. Developers can conveniently project various sales offers on properties, schemes and discounts to make the product reach better among the customers.

The prominent types of content to be included in ads are-

  • Videos- They provide a more efficient and interactive means of disseminating ideas, information and solutions.
  • Remarketing Ads- It aids in tempting the audience on several online platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.
  • Email/blogs/eBooks/articles- They provide the answer to a person’s queries and keep the audience intrigued by the brand.

2.  Multi-channel marketing-

Developers should follow a multi-channel marketing approach that involves the integration of popular digital marketing and media tools like Facebook Ads, Instagram and Google Display Network, YouTube Ads, etc. Users who have previously visited the business website can be retargeted with Facebook ads. A virtual cookie is stored on the visitor’s web browser by any page they visit. Their visit gets registered in this cookie. Because of the contents surfed, those tailored adverts will be shown to the same individual whenever they return to Facebook.

Real Estate Developers can use these adverts to showcase numerous deals and unique selling points of new projects, keeping prospects engaged and intrigued.

3. Retargeting-

Retargeting is an excellent way of re-engaging with the visitors who went away from the LP/website using ads with additional USPs, deals, discounts and offers. Retargeting is a marketing funnel strategy that can assist both in driving brand awareness and increasing conversions. Going by the data, retargeted advertising on Facebook is seventy-six per cent more likely to get clicks than typical display ads.

Furthermore, retargeting ads help in finding new prospects for the business. One can create smart audiences, or lookalike audiences, with Google based on users who have visited specific portions.


The objectives and sales targets should remain the same whether the Real Estate Developers use traditional marketing funnel strategies or the new ones. Buyers and sellers enter the sales funnel after deliberation, choose to either switch to another solution or go with the one in front. The transaction, or activity at the end of the funnel, brings the sales funnel’s stages to a close.

Sell.Do is an integrated Real Estate CRM Software that comes with great features like built-in cloud telephony, email, and funnel reports and streamlines the sales funnel management operations of a Real Estate business. These features help with the middle funnel marketing process by making customer data more accessible, automating processes, designing a sales layout, and successfully managing sales campaigns.

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