Impact Of Marketing Wikipedia As Compared To Social Media Marketing

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Using Wikipedia For Marketing

How to Using Wikipedia for marketing Introduction:

  • Internet marketing is something that has opened many new doors and possibilities for business organizations and brands across the globe. The increase in the use of internet marketing all over the world is proof for its amazing ability to engage the audience and its ability to create awareness in the audience as well.
  • Now, there are many different ways that internet marketing is being done. All these different ways or tools of marketing have their own pros and cons but today we are not really concerned with the pros and cons of all the marketing tools that are being used in internet marketing, we are just concerned about the impact of marketing done through wikipedia pages and the impact of marketing done through social media platforms.

Marketing Wikipedia As Compare to Social Media Marketing


Using Wikipedia for marketing :

  • If you are someone who knows how to create a Wikipedia page then you must have the knowledge about things work when you use wiki pages as a marketing tool for your brands or business organizations. And if you don’t know then this is how it goes, wikipedia as we all know is a website that the world usually uses as a source of information. Not just any information but a highly regarded and a source of extremely reliable information. This online encyclopedia has made its reputation after working for decades and it is by far the most visited virtual platforms of all times.
  • Now, the approach used in wiki marketing is a passive approach as wikipedia does not allow any promotional content. It is indeed a very useful tool to create brand awareness and audience engagement and has many other benefits as well like SEO and increase in credibility of the brand and increased online visibility and much more. But all these advantages aside, wikipedia has always been a platform that uses an indirect and passive approach towards marketing.


Social Media Marketing:

  • Social media is one of the greatest online marketing tools to have ever been exited. The only downside in my opinion is that it takes a lot of time to think to come up with a problem in social media marketing. Its highly engaging and highly cost effective and brands can use both the approaches for marketing, using this specific marketing tool.
  • Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have taken the world by a storm and there are billions of people who use these social media platforms and others similar like them on a daily basis which makes these online social media platforms a perfect place for brands to engage their target audiences.
  • Unlike Wiki pages social media marketing can make use of all sorts of content like video, animated videos, pictures, memes, texts and audio content as well but there is a down side as well which is that social media has never been regarded as a reliable source of information by anyone in the world in fact people say not to trust any news you get from social media. So, yes where there are many pros there are a few cons as well.


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