Seven Listing and Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agencies

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To successfully market your real estate agency, you need to know how to successfully market the properties that you manage. From your website and to the tools you use, here are seven of the best ways to market better as a real estate agent:


Start with a Great Website

Great listings are important, but the platform users are viewing that listing on is going to matter. Don’t second-guess yourself, and instead invest in custom estate agent website design. It doesn’t matter if you are a full agency or an independent estate agent. People expect polished, and they expect professionalism. If your website is nothing less than stunning, they will assume that you cannot do your job well. However, invest in professional design from a web design agency, and you have a stunning, custom site that will wow all of your clients.


Get a Good Camera

You need a few pieces of photography equipment. A good quality DSLR is a great place to start, but to take videos, you will need a gimbal to offer that smooth experience as you walk through the properties.


On top of good equipment, you will also want good quality lighting. It can be a hassle to wait for good weather to get polished photos, and you don’t want to overedit your photos as these can seem disingenuous. Good lighting can make it easy to take bright, clear photos of the property.

Get a Floorplan Design Tool

It is not hard to create a mock-up of the floorplan. The software you need is budget-friendly, and other than that, you just need to take measurements of the home. This is one of the easiest ways to show the space in its entirety and help people understand the scale of the space they are viewing online.


Have Go-To Cleaners and Stagers

Your client may not have the budget to hire professionals to clean and stage their property, but it never hurts to vet through local options, so you know just who to call when they do. A clean, staged home makes it easy to sell, and you can even get kickback by working out a deal with these other companies in advance.


Have an Easy Booking Tool

Potential buyers should always have a choice in how to get in touch with you. Chat box, email, and phone number should all be an option. You can even allow them to book a personal meeting with you during your office hours right online.


Invest in Quality Client Management Software

There are so many features that a client management tool can offer. You can make it easy for them to book or reschedule appointments. You can send them listings that you think they may like and have them approve or decline them right in the same portal. Back-and-forth emails are a thing of the past, instead online portals that improve the experience and your ability to manage potential buyers is the new normal.


Advertise on Social Media

People love to look at beautiful homes on social media, and you can easily grow your audience by marketing properties on your accounts. These will then reach larger audiences, who will either be interested in viewing the property or wowed by your marketing strategy and want you to sell their home.

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