Making Memories in 2022

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About a week ago, the world stayed up all night waiting for the clock to strike twelve. And when it did, we all celebrated the birth of a new year. Last year might have been the worst year for humanity in the twenty-first century. A lot of us are hoping that this year would be different.

We hope that we can make more memories and live life the way we’re supposed to live it. A new year is a new beginning. We must put down the burden from recent years and start a new life this year.

 What 2020 Did to You

Seeing a post or reading an article about how bad the year 2020 might not be shocking anymore. A lot of people have shared their opinions on how much they struggled to survive the year 2020. If you listen to the public’s opinion, most of them are the same. They couldn’t wait to get the year over with, so they can start a new life.

The year 2020 did some damage to most of us. Physically, it exhausted us. The coronavirus killed over a million people that year. It caused stress and panic to everyone because of the rising numbers of cases every day. 

It also caused damage to our mental health since most of us are quarantined at home, and most people do not sit well with being alone. It gave a lot of people anxiety, and their mental health deteriorated. Overall, the year 2020 destroyed most of everyone’s dreams.

 Dreaming Big in 2021

As the famous quotation says, ‘There’s a rainbow after the rain,’ it’s time to shake off the bad energy from last year and create positive energy this year. This is a year when you can restart your life and do things that’ll make you forget about the stress you had last year.

It’s a year of healing. It’s time to revive those dreams that got destroyed. This year is the right time to dream big. Do not be afraid to dream bigger than anyone. You can make new memories this year, and here are four creative ways to do that:

 Capture It All

This one internet video features a person’s photo from day one to day three-hundred and sixty-five. This means that these people took a photo of themselves every day until the end of the year. This is to show how much you changed you had throughout the year.

You can capture a lot of different things aside from yourself. For example, if you have a pet. You can capture photos of your pet for the rest of the year and see the changes at the end of the year. This is a fun way to relive those memories.

Do not worry about your photos getting deleted or your camera storage getting low. You can always resort to google drives or cloud photo storage to save your photos and keep them for later use.

 Learn a New Language

Adding another skill to your resume is not a bad idea. This year, you can start learning a new language, whether Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, or French. Learning a new language is exciting. You get to know how other words are said in these languages, and you can discover a whole new world.

You don’t have to contact a tutor to teach you since there are many free language classes online that you can watch. It might not be the same as learning from a tutor, but these online classes can help you just right.

 Explore New Hobbies

Have you ever seen those internet videos about people learning new hobbies last year? Well, you can do that this year. Expanding your knowledge about certain things is a great idea to start a year. You can start hobbies that have satisfying results, such as pottery.

Learning this hobby is both fun and beneficial. By doing this, not only are you learning how to make a pot, but you can also take home with you the finished product. This will remind you that your time spent working on this hobby wasn’t wasted. It is the same as learning oil painting, handcrafts, and knitting.

 Spend Time with Your Family

Although this might not sound creative, it is one of the best things we can do to make memories. Our loved ones are not going to be with us every time. That is why spending time with them while they are with us is precious time that we must not waste. Not everyone has the opportunity to do this, so while you can, do it.


Start your near year with memories that are fresh and memorable. Create positive energy this year and make memories that are worth looking back to.

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