Locked Out of the Car? How To Get In Without Any Problem?

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A few months ago, I was rushing towards the supermarket for groceries and when I parked my car in the parking, I just took my wallet and mobile and went to the lift to enter the supermarket. After doing grocery, I bought some toys for the kids and returned back to my car.

Then suddenly I realized that I don’t have the keys in my pocket. First I thought that I lost my keys while shopping in the market, but then suddenly I saw that the car keys were in the car and I am just locked out as I didn’t have the duplicate key with me.

I tried to open the door, but it was locked, I had a lot of grocery items and other shopping bags with me, I was totally helpless and were thinking that what could I do. I thought that I should call the insurance company so that they can provide me the duplicate keys.

I called them, but they said it is a long process, I need to personally appear in their office and submit an application for the duplicate keys and after that, they will start the process. It would take a few days to a week to get the duplicate key of my car from the insurance company.

Obviously, I couldn’t wait for that long time. Then I called my wife who was in the house and asked her if she can find the duplicate key of the car in my drawer. After some time, she called me back and acknowledged that she found the keys, but she told me that it would require almost 2 hours to reach the shopping mall as there was no other car at home and she had to use public transport.

I was feeling totally helpless, when she asked me why don’t you call an auto locksmith who could be near the supermarket and he can unlock the car door with his special tools within few minutes?

The idea was good, I just google on my cell phone and call the best price locksmith Rock SC after comparing the prices in few seconds.

The person arrived at the supermarket in just 15 minutes and he had his toolbox with him that has many keys. First, he verified that the car is mine and then he took only a few minutes to unlock the door lock without damaging it. That’s it… Now, I can get into the car.

I took the original car key and closed the door. I checked if the door lock is working fine or it gets damaged. But my luck, the lock, and the key combination were working fine. I successfully get into the car in few minutes after getting locked out.

Based on my experience, I thought that I should share my story with you and should guide you as well that what should you do when you get locked out and how to enter into the car?

So, here are a few things that you should do when you get locked out:

Don’t Get Panic

Don’t get panic if you get locked out. If you get panic, you will lose your focus and you could damage the car door when you try to open it out of stress. Just relax and think if you have the duplicate key at house or not?

If you have the duplicate key at your house and you are near your house, then call someone at home and ask him/her to bring the duplicate key for you. If you don’t have the keys or the house is not near, then you have to call the locksmith near you.

Here you can read more about small evolutions towards the autonomous car.

Call Best Price Locksmith

Now, if you have your mobile, then search for the nearest locksmith service and check the top 3 or 4 business listings on the Google search result page. Look for a few things on the business listing:

  • Distance from your location
  • Reviews from the customers on listing
  • Experience of the locksmith (More reviews mean more experienced)
  • Licensed locksmith or not? (Check the website for this)
  • Best price locksmith (if mentioned the prices on the business listing or on the website)

After checking all these details, select the one that most appealing to you and once again on the phone ask for the price and try to judge if the person is experienced or not.

If everything looks good, just ask him to get to your location to help you in getting into the car as you are locked out.

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