An Interview in a LABOUR HIRE AGENCY: What to Expect?

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When hiring an individual into a company, companies must take intensive measures to verify their qualifications, skills, compatibility, criminal records and more to assure they are a good fit. But this can be an excruciating process for the companies and the applicants. Labour hire agencies make the task easier for businesses by providing pre-screened candidates who satisfy the current labour needs of the organisation.

The agencies carry out a thorough employee screening process on behalf of the companies to ensure that both the client and the applicants successfully get what they are looking for. These are some of the key things that employment agencies screen for.

1)    The Right Qualifications, Skills and Experience

Businesses can be highly specific about the kind of qualification and the skills required to hire an agency to help recruit an employee for a position. The agency must ensure that the candidate satisfies the required education, expertise and experience before suggesting them to the company. Therefore, they would verify original education qualification documents, contact references and administer tests to confirm their capability to fulfil the role. This will ensure that the applicant, when once placed, will be reliable, competent and successful in accomplishing the task provided.


2)         The Compatibility with the Industry

Having the right qualifications and skills might not ensure success in all industries. Good workplace compatibility increases productivity closes gaps between the manager and the employer, improves communication, raises employee engagement and reduces employee turnover. Employment agencies use the screening process to determine if they are experienced and suitable to work in a particular industry before hiring them. They usually look for self-assurance, objectivity, decisiveness, optimism, conformity, self-reliance and their attitude towards learning.


3)         Verification of Criminal Records

Labour hire agencies look to screen applicants for any past criminal records, especially if the company requires a person to handle sensitive information or valuable products. This is also done to ensure the safety of the existing employees of the company. Having a clean record increases the level of trust that the companies have in the employees.


4)         Checking the Right Fit for the Company’s Culture

Every company has a certain way of maintaining the work environment, enforcing appropriate behaviour, and the employees and management interacting with each other. This depends on the organisation’s vision, policies, procedures, values, and expectations from its employees. The employment agency has the responsibility to be aware of the company’s work culture and find an individual who would be a right fit there.


5)         Understanding and Matching Their Expectations

The employment agency must have a complete record of the applicants’ expectations from their potential employees and must communicate the same to the company before recommending the candidate. Applicants usually have certain expectations about working hours, pay, career growth, leave structure, etc., which the agency must inform them of, and ensure that both the company and the potential employee meet the expectations with the least number of compromises. This ensures that the employees are happy, which further ensures longer employee retention.


6)         Looking for the Personality Traits of an Ideal Worker

Providing ideal workers as employees to the companies, who would not only satisfy the role but do it well, is the central goal of employment agencies. Therefore, they look for particular personality traits considered to be the features of an ideal worker during the screening process through interviews, tests and the documents submitted. These could be optimism, confidence, intelligence, leadership, honesty, attention to detail, hardworking and more.

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