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Communication is a way to express our feelings and thoughts towards the person in front of you. Humans are the most intelligent species among all the living organisms but astonishingly lack of communication is very common these days among human beings. Today people are in deep depression, loneliness and mental problems due to lack of communication. We as humans earn a lot of money and fame but we forget to teach our dear ones, our younger ones, our family members and our friends, how to communicate. This creates a huge gap between relationships of all the ages. Today we need to understand the importance of communication. Now the situation is that if even one understands this important his or her mind questions various factors regarding this, which is elucidated below:


To communicate it is very necessary that you should be a good listener. These days the foremost problem in communication is people don’t have time to listen, not even to their own dear ones. Hectic lifestyle of today’s human being doesn’t allow him or her to have time to listen to anyone. When someone tries to communicate or say something one needs to be attentive and careful to listen properly to the other one. Such as when the teacher tells his or her thoughts for students’ motivation where he/she talks about such issues which bother students a lot such as the pressure of huge syllabus, hectic activity sessions and how to handle such pressure, there students need to listen carefully. As a student one has to listen to this information carefully because when a teacher shares his/her thoughts for students’ motivation, he/she gives solutions to almost all the problems of students which they face in their day-to-day student’s life.


A communication process always requires a sender, a receiver and most important – a message. So, whenever a communication should happen the message should be crystal clear. Language should be easy enough for sender and receiver both to be understood.  For example, if there is a question paper of maths tricky questions, then even that question paper should be set in a way that on the basis of practice done in the past, students could get a clear message that what the questions are asking and students could solve them easily. Even maths tricky questions become easy to solve if students are able to communicate with steps of questions. Same way when we communicate with people in our daily life our message should be very clear to them so that people can enjoy communicating with you.


The most important and last component of communication is the receiver, that means the one who receives the message. He/she should be attentive enough to listen, read and understand otherwise one misses very important information. Most of the time when one person tries to communicate, the other person does not pay heed to the conversation of the first person. It’s because people are often not in the habit of paying attention to others around them. Most of the time we see people quarrel on nothing and ridiculously nobody cares at that time what happened. In such cases 90% of disputes happen due to either miscommunication or incomplete information. These above stated facts are necessary to be understood for personal life also. When we are attentive enough to understand language, attitude, content and importance of messages communicated to us then we gain a healthy friendship, relationship and concern for people around us.

Effects of Good Communication:

A good and healthy communication makes our company demands. People around us always seek our company when we are good at communication. It is so because being a good communicator one is able to understand the feelings of others and sometimes this great aspect of one’s personality soothes others in his or her grave situations. Psychologists, being very good communicators, are experts at healing people’s mental and psychological issues as they listen and talk to them in the way which is necessary and absolute for them.

Not only small age groups but adults also need good communication every day. In research conducted globally it was observed that most of the patients of  depression and anxiety can be treated just by having a healthy conversation where one can hear and understand them well.

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