What Injuries Are You Likely to Suffer in a Car Accident and What Are the Treatment Options?

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What Injuries Are You Likely to Suffer in a Car Accident and What Are the Treatment Options?

Car accidents are one of the top reasons for death and grievous injury around the globe. The very experience of going through a car accident can be daunting, and then there’s the truckload of paperwork and legal formalities that you will need to attend to. Some are fortunate enough to escape a car crash with minor injuries, while some suffer in the long term.

You might feel nothing out of the ordinary after experiencing a car accident. Still, the thing that you should understand is, your body is not accustomed to such collision or shock- it is an anomaly to your routine, and thus your body may develop some symptoms without you knowing. Therefore, it is always advisable to get a thorough medical check-up after a car accident to diagnose and treat the common injuries that develop after accidents. Also, don’t forget to contact car accident injury lawyers Perth to deal with legal complications smoothly after the accident.

Here are some of the most common types of injuries and their treatment options:

1.      Whiplash

Whiplash happens because when the car collides against something, the head is involuntarily moved in a sudden back and forth motion causing damage to the muscle in the neck and upper back.  Symptoms can occur in the form of stiffness in the neck and pain and soreness in the upper back.

The injured person may have to have an x-ray, CT scan, or MRI scan to determine the severity of the injury. It can usually be treated right away. Swift treatment can also prevent further problems. Over-the-counter pain medications can help you to cope with any pain. Prescription drugs are also given when the pain is severe. Hot and cold packs applied simultaneously every day three to four-time will gradually ease away the discomfort. Other than this, exercise, physiotherapy, and rest are sure to heal whiplash.

2.      Concussions And Brain Injuries

It is not unusual for people who have been in car accidents to bang their heads against solid surfaces of the car when an accident takes place. As a result, there might be a concussion in the head or other types of brain injuries. Symptoms of brain injuries include dizziness, loss of balance, frequent vomiting, fatigue, changed sleep pattern, mood swings, concentration problems, a bout of depression, or anxiety.

While concussions can be easily managed with monitoring and medication, that is not the case with other severe brain injuries. Such cases need strong medication and constant monitoring, and even surgery. Significant rehabilitation is also needed for such patients. Your physician may also refer you to a neuropsychologist, speech pathologist (in case of speed disorientation), or a physical therapist.

3.      Back And Knee Injuries

As already mentioned, a car accident brings about a considerable force on the victim which can lead to back and knee injuries.  Pain may vary from mild to severe depending on the severity of the injuries sustained. In most cases, these aren’t a cause for grave concern unless something is broken, or the spinal cord is affected. Over-the-counter medications, as well as physical therapy, can help in healing these injuries over time.  Sometimes surgery might be required.

4.      Spinal Injuries

A person’s spine is one of the most vital and sensitive parts of our body as it protects the spinal cord. Such an injury brought about by a car accident can be one of the most concerning things ever. This can disbalance a person’s health and equilibrium if not treated well. Many people become paraplegics and suffer from paralysis of the body due to spinal cord injuries.

Treatment for such injuries may include surgery, physical therapy, and medicative injections to the spine. Other than that, some people also have to wear braces to make sure that any misalignment of the bones in the spine is corrected.  Many people are reluctant to undergo surgery of the spine because it involves a possible risk to their life. They go to chiropractors instead, which can be a good alternative. Severe damage to the spine can only be remedied by surgical intervention. 

5.      Chest Pain

A person who has never complained of pain in the chest before may start doing so after having been in a car accident. This can be the culmination of a lot of factors. The most obvious of them is the impact of the collision. In cars with airbags, a person’s bust area crashes very violently into the airbag and this can bruise the area internally.

Even friction with the seatbelt during the accident can injure the chest and make it sore. Fractured ribs can also cause chest pain.  However, this type of injury is unlikely if the collision was not that severe.  Another reason for chest pains may be anxiety and post-traumatic stress from the accident. Stress-induced chest pain might not feel different to a physical injury in the same area.

Chiropractic care can ensure the healing of the chest pain caused by physical injury. Regular painkillers are also recommended to deal with the pain and soreness. For chest pain caused by stress, therapeutic help is recommended.

6.      Sore Muscles

Trauma from a car accident can result in soft tissue strains and, if not treated properly, these can become a life-long problem.

A pulled muscle, sprain, and muscles going stiff are the top reason why different parts of your body may ache after you have been in an accident. In worse case scenarios, an overstretched muscle can lead to it tearing, which can be quite painful.

The best treatment plan for sprains and torn or stretched muscles is to ensure that you have sufficient rest. If you move continue to move around in this condition, it will further add to the trauma of the area and possibly worsen the injury. With painkillers and rest you will get better.


These are the most common types of injuries that can happen after a car accident. However, the human body is a complex machine, and one never knows what may go wrong. Some people get severely traumatized mentally after being in accidents. This can be equally as concerning and disruptive as physical injuries.  With proper diagnosis and treatment most injuries that you suffer in a motor vehicle accident can be effectively treated by your treating medical practitioners.


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