Five Finest Key Strategies to Improve your Angular Codebase

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Five Finest Key Strategies to Improve your Angular Codebase

Angular is quite familiar to learn. You get an easy feel out of it while learning. It also gives you great scope. There are millions of languages out there. After all, you shall have to come up with your own one absolutely further. Hire angular developers from the great organization, CMARIX.

Some developers do not think that everybody should start re writing the apps completely in order to integrate redux. Even if we begin from scratch, we all do not think that redux is the method to go a lot of the times.

What we think regarding the finest key strategies to instantly improve your angular codebase is mentioned below.

  1. Following the greatest conventions and conversions

There is actually one of the core arguments in order to choose angular over the other singular page application frameworks. It is also a clearly defined way of how things should be strategized. How they should be strategized or even planned.

There is a clear method of definition of how things are supposed to turn out eventually. The things are supposed to be completed instantly. First, focus on strategizing and then immediately completing them.

All of this has an opinion, so we speak. There is also a defined method that completely enables the creation of a perfect uniform codebase. There needs to be the perfect uniform code base along with an organization.

You should definitely not be worried about defining certain rules. Well, angular is already present with these rules. These rules have proven to be completely out of the box. Following all of these rules does not only increase the uniformities.

You might find sometimes that the quality code is regular.

  1. The code bundling

The code bundling is apparently a very common thing to do. Learning angular is really important. All of us need to place everything into the app modules. Your certain application shall evolve into a full mess.

The modules are there completely for a reason. There are the modules that always help in organizing the code into far smaller bundles. It also becomes far easier because they are not only a cosmetic thing.

You can always take the help of the lazy loaded modules. Also, you can increase the great user experience by simply downloading stuff over the internet. The several portions of the user experience can be easily downloaded.

All of this are required at that moment. Suppose you do not know about the modules yet. You can highly recommend reading the guides over the internet regarding the modules. This includes the lazy loading.

You should definitely have the freedom to further structure or even restructure the modules. We can all do this however we like or even prefer. We would not help to increase the maintain abilities. In fact, all of this would make the stuff even worse.

Additionally, angular has some great opinions on how exactly we should decide our apps to become the modules.

Feature modules

There is always a certain category of the modules that is the so-called feature modules. You might have probably guessed already. These are created to contain one specific feature. All the above modules are created in a separate folder with the name of the features.

But why are the feature modules essential?

Well firstly they all provide a great way to structure the coding. It is a great method or way to be reasonable and also easy to understand. All of these also separate the different features completely, right?

This is the way where there cannot supposedly be any sort of weird overlapping. The weird overlapping can definitely cause the confusion and the potential bugs.

There can be another great advantage of the feature modules that they allow us to utilize a great technique. This is called lazy loading. Lazy loading can only download a module to the client devices. That is also if the module is actually required.

We might have the administrations for a blog. this will not make much sense in order to serve the code for the admin section. This is for every user who visits the website. Get in touch with the great angular development company, CMARIX.

Every component, directive or even the piping is great. They can all be encapsulated in a completely separate module. All of this cannot be utilized elsewhere in the apps. This can be done without importing the respective modules. This can make a lot of sense.

  1. Keeping the logistics out

You are indeed building your application. It might be a great idea to completely keep your logic and especially state out the great components. You ask, why?

There are the greatest couple of reasons for this. All of this can increase the quality of the code.

First of all, you should completely test the user interfaces. Therefore, also test the components. All of this can be quite hard in the comparison. This can at least be compared to testing the pure logic.

Have your business logic in a separate service. All of this can help you write far more efficient and easier to understand tests faster. Additionally, there is the logic that can be utilized by the other components as well.

This can happen when separated by a service. This allows all of us to reuse more of the code and therefore write less of it. There are the codes that do not exist and can increase the overall code qualities by a lot.

This is lastly but not the least. Have the logic in a separate file. This also makes the code far easier to read.

  1. Get your async code right

So, we have already discussed above that angular is a completely opinionated framework.

You can get the reach of the goal for the code consistencies. We all need to follow the opinions of the framework completely.

Also, this is the case with the asynchronous codes as well.

In the above particular code, the angular team has decided to utilize the rxjs libraries for all the asynchronous functions.

The library utilizes the complete observer patterns. Suppose you are required to learn more regarding the rxjs libraries, you can always check out the many guides on the internet.

Avoid making all sorts of promises

Rxjs partly overlaps some stuff with its functionalities. They all arrive with the very standard java script promises. Both of these are meant to handle the asynchronous code.

However, rxjs can actually do so much more. Other than the promises, there are also the so called rxjs observations that can resolve to more than just one value.

All of these are a great stream of the values. We can all contentiously listen to this.

Additionally, it is also possible to pass only one result to that particular stream. This particular stuff creates a certain overlap. All of that comes with a certain promise.

  1. Try the centralized state management (like Redux)

Your app surely grows. Also, the code qualities need to be efficient enough, right? Additionally, the code qualities can decrease dramatically.

There can be the hundreds of components. Every one of us has their own state. This is not only confusing. It is also extremely impossible to debug it seems.

There is the presence of a certain centralized state management it seems. This is also extremely over hyped at the moment. There can be the centralized state managements. This means that all of the app’s state is stored in a single location.

All of this is instead of being distributed all over the app. This usually also means that the state is controlled by one of the instances. This is also the only one to make the changes to the entire state.

It is also necessary to have such a central state that brings about certain advantages.

Well, the first pointer might be well known or obvious. You do not need to search for it.

All of this is already in one single place. You obviously do not need to navigate through the entire component tree.


Angular is a java script framework in order to develop the front-end applications. You can always create a web app by utilizing angular. Well let us just say that angular is a platform that makes it completely easy to build the apps with the web.

Angular combines the declarative templates quite a lot. There is the dependency injection. There is also the end-to-end tooling. There are the integrated best practices to completely solve the development challenges, right?

Angular coding is great. It empowers the developers totally. The developers can hence build those apps that live on the web. These apps can stay on the mobile or even the desktop. Get in association with the Dedicated React JS Programmers from the great organization, CMARIX. When you compare with the other frameworks, then it is obviously great to begin with angular js. Additionally, you can learn another framework as well.

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