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How To Make Facebook profile private?

Facebook is a popular social media network that offers various features to its users. It allows you to connect and share with family and friends virtually. It is the largest social media platform today, as it has over two billion active users. With Facebook, you can share pictures and videos, virtually chat live with your friends, like and react to others’ posts, play virtual games with friends, and host virtual events. It’s a platform made for virtual interaction.

Moreover, Facebook lets users create their profiles however they prefer; it has provided all settings to adjust. These settings include privacy settings, basic information, and general settings. You will learn how to make Facebook private in this blog.


To entirely make your Facebook profile private, you need to adjust settings under five categories: privacy settings, Friends List, profile privacy, search engine visibility, and photo albums. All the categories are mentioned below.


The first step for how to make Facebook private is to adjust your default privacy settings. These default privacy settings control who can see the posts you make moving forward. It will keep your profile from strangers if you make the changes.

  • Open Facebook on your browser and log in to your account
  • On your news feed, click on the downward arrow placed at the top-right corner of the screen
  • From the menu, select Settings & Privacy followed by Settings
  • Select the Privacy option from the left column to reveal privacy settings on the right side of the screen
  • You should see two segments, namely, How people find and contact you, and your activity
  • Next to each option under these two segments is an Edit option – click on it
  • Select your audience from the menu that you want your posts to be visible to; you can choose Friends or only me to make your profile private
  • Click on Save after making the changes

Please note that you can change the audience for previous posts as well. Click on the Limit Past Posts option and select Limit Past Posts again.


The second step for how to make my Facebook profile private is to change the audience settings for my Friends list.

  • Follow the first four steps mentioned above
  • When the privacy settings display on your screen, locate Who can see your Friends list option – you can find it under the How people find and contact you segment
  • Once you discover it, click on the Edit option right next to it and select Friends or only me


The third step for how to make my Facebook profile private is to review my profile privacy settings as they allow Google to index your profile. To make your profile private, you must adjust these settings as well.

  • Open your Facebook profile; you can do that by clicking on your profile picture on the News Feed
  • Under your Intro is the Edit Details option – please click on it to open your details
  • You can see a toggler next to each bit of information; turn it off to set your profile to private


The fourth step for how to make Facebook profile private is to block your profile from showing up in search engines. When someone enters your name on Google, your Facebook profile is visible in the search results. To stop your profile from displaying in search results, please follow the steps below.

  • On the News Feed, click on the downward arrow placed at the top-right corner to reveal a menu
  • Select Settings & Privacy and then choose Settings
  • From the left column, click on Privacy to open privacy settings
  • Click on Edit next to the last option under How people find and contact you segment
  • Choose your ideal audience for this setting and save the changes


The last step for how to make my Facebook profile private is to select the audience for my photo albums.

  • On your News Feed, click on the downward arrow to reveal a menu
  • Select your profile from the menu to open it
  • On your profile, click on Photos to open all your photo albums
  • Now select the three dots next to each option and click on Edit Album
  • From the column on your left, click on the audience selector and choose the appropriate audience for your photos


Facebook offers privacy settings to its users that users can adjust according to their preferences. Users can make their profile private if they please. They can do this by changing settings under five places: default privacy settings, Facebook friends list, Profile privacy settings, search engine, and photo albums. Using the instructions mentioned in this blog, you can completely turn your profile private and hidden away from strangers. Please visit our other blogs if you need more information about Facebook or any other social media platform.

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