How to Take Better Photos on a Smartphone

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Five years ago, the very idea of taking a decent photograph on a smartphone seemed ridiculous, but these days there are a huge variety of camera apps available on phones that have incredibly good cameras on them.

Taking good photos with your phone is easier said than done; phones are notoriously harder to use than dedicated cameras, and that’s not even taking into consideration the fact that camera phones are more expensive than dedicated cameras!

Get Out There and Take Great Photos

It’s not all bad news though, with advances in machine learning and AI, the cameras on smartphones are rapidly getting better, and most high-end smartphones are now better than standard point-and-shoot digital cameras!

There are also lots of options for getting your photos into the real world, too, from photobooks to postcards and even 3d crystal ornaments (hint: check out crystal impressions, they are incredible!). Printing and displaying photos have never been so easy.

So, how can you take better photos on your smartphone? Here are some tips to remember:

Take a Few Minutes to Learn How to Use Your Camera App

If you haven’t used your camera app before (or if it’s been a while since you’ve used one), it’s probably worth spending a little time learning how it works before you start shooting things with it.

It’s not easy to use a smartphone camera, and it can be frustrating figuring out what you can and cannot do. Some examples of things you might want to take a look at are:

Macro Mode – This is where your phone’s camera will focus very closely on an object (like bugs or flowers). It takes some practice, but it is fun and can be used for things like macro photography!

Landscape Mode – This is where your phone’s camera will capture a scene that is wider than it is tall. Many landscape photos are taken this way.

Night Mode (or Low Light Mode) – If you’re trying to take photos in lower-light conditions, make sure you try your phone’s night mode! It makes a world of difference, and it usually only takes one or two seconds to switch on.

Turn On the Crosshairs Guide

It can sometimes be difficult to know where your camera is actually focusing. Unless you’re looking at the screen (which isn’t always practical), you’ll need to make sure that what you’re trying to photograph is in focus.

You can do this by using “crosshairs” in your camera app that show you where the camera is focused! However, it’s not a foolproof way of snapping shots, and not all phone cameras will have this feature.

Use a Tripod

A tripod is a great way to take clear, professional-looking photos without shaking.

Make sure your smartphone is securely fastened to a tripod, and then turn on any features that help you capture better images (such as night mode).

Invest in Smartphone Lenses

Taking photos with your smartphone is a lot more fun if your camera is equipped to take cool and creative shots!

If you want to get decent photos out of your phone, you may have to invest in some extra accessories. The best lenses will let you take photos that look just like they would on a high-end camera.

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