How to Set up A Computer for Trading?

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If you’re trying to optimize your 6 monitor setup for trading then you’ll find some easy tips to follow here. Although, bear in mind that you need to factor in your own trading style and method of working. For instance, are you a short-term or long-term trader? Do you prefer the flexibility of location that a laptop can offer you? Either way, you can view more options for computers that would be able to power your 6 monitor setup. At the end of the day, you need the right equipment to support your trading. 

Getting the Right Equipment for your 6 Monitor Setup 

Everyone has a budget. Regardless of where along the scale your budget is, you’ll still need some key specifications to actually power your multi-monitor setup and all the graphs across your display screens. The key criteria are detailed below: 

  • CPU processing power 
  • RAM 
  • Graphics cards 
  • Multi-monitor display units 
  • Cables and connections

CPU processing power 

The good news is that you can choose either a desktop or a laptop for your 6 monitor setup. These days, laptops are more than powerful enough to cope with 6 monitors. You can still verify for yourself that you have at least 4GHz of processing power though. Essentially, all this power makes sure that your computer can actually run your 6 monitor setup. Moreover, if you’re looking for high quality then Intel or AMD processing chips are often the best. 


This is the piece of hardware that deals with the short-term memory and allows you to run whatever programs and processes you’re working on with your monitor setups. For trading, you’ll be most comfortable with at least 16GB or preferably 32GB. On the flip side, your long-term memory, or hard drive, should be a solid state because they’re the fastest and most efficient.

Graphics cards 

Most computers, including trading computers, come with integrated graphics cards. These are also referred to as video cards and essentially make your graphs and charts update and work properly. As any trader knows, the availability of that information, thanks to your graphics card, is what can make the difference between winning or losing trade. You might therefore want to check that you have the top-of-range Radeon or NVIDIA graphics cards. 

Multi-monitor display units 

Having a 6 monitor setup is a personal choice. Some traders even go up to 20 monitor screens. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with having two or three screens if that’s what’s best for you. Whatever you decide though, you’ll need to make sure that you have your graphs, charts, and other sources of information laid out in the most effective manner for your work style. 

computer set up on table

Cables and Connections

Once you have all your equipment, you’ll clearly have to connect it up together. You’ll therefore need to check the DisplayPort on your multiple monitor setup. The most common connections are HDMI, VGA or DVI. Although, if you’re stuck, you can take a photo down to your local computer shop for them to advise you. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you have the right power supply which is recommended to be 450 watts. All this, regardless of whether you have a Mac or Windows 10.

How to make your 6 Monitor Setup work for Your Trading Needs 

Once you have the right equipment, then you need to make sure you can organize it for your trading purposes, as described below:

  • Display layout and optimum number 
  • Resolution
  • Ergonomics 

Display layout and optimum number 

Traders have to be organized so that they can see at a quick glance all the information they need to make decisions. This could mean within minutes or even seconds. Therefore, the more you layout your charts in a logical manner across each display then the easier your job will be. 

It’s also useful to think about how many charts you might need at any one time because that will help you determine how many monitors you ideally want. For example, you can easily spread out 12 charts across three monitors by setting up 4 on each display. Then again, you might have other monitors on which to follow the news or even your trading platforms. That’s why a 6 monitor setup can actually be very helpful. 


Clearly, it’s important to get your resolution right, partly to save your eyes and partly to make things easier to read quickly. A good rule of thumb for traders is to opt for a 23 or 24-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p, at the very least.  


Last but not least, you need to be comfortable as a trader because you could be sitting at your screens for many hours at a stretch. Also, things can get quite intense when trading. Therefore, the last thing you need is to be hunched over a tiny desk without any room to move around. That’s why you get adjustable arms for your multi-monitor setup. It’s always why you’ll appreciate having all your lovely graphs and charts nicely spread across a wide space. 

graphs of performance analytics on a laptop screen

Next Steps for Trading with your 6 Monitor Setup 

Now that you know that you need the right equipment with enough power to deal with your trading requirements, you’ll want to make a list and a budget. Having said that, your most valuable piece of equipment is your computer because everything comes from there. So, make sure you have the right processing power, RAM, and graphics card specification. You’ll then find that you can cope with anything and simply focus on your trading strategy. 

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