How to Secure Your Netgear Router WiFi Network

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How we secure netgear router wifi network. In this technological world, our homes are now filled with a variety of devices and gadgets that require an internet connection. Be it our PC, phone, tablet, fridge, baby monitor, or TV, our increasing dependence on the internet to connect all our devices has paved the way to many security risks. And most people are simply not familiar with the security risks that these devices can present unless they are properly secured with a strong WiFi network.

In case someone else gains access to your WiFi network, be it your next-door neighbor or a remote hacker, it can be quick work to compromise those devices.

That’s why it is important to secure your Netgear router WiFi network. The best part, it is not too difficult or time-consuming to make your WiFi secured. Here, we will shed some light on various tips to protect your Netgear WiFi router’s network with ease. Let’s get started.

Secure Your Netgear Router WiFi Network

1. Change the Default Username and Password

First things first, you need to change the default username and password of your Netgear router to secure your home WiFi network. Netgear wireless routers come with a default user ID and passphrase and anyone can easily find these default details. In the event that they gain access to your network, they can change the admin password and lock you out from your own network.

Changing the user ID and password makes it extremely hard for hackers to recognize whose WiFi it is and gain access to the network. You can change the admin username and password of your Netgear router by accessing configuration panel. It is recommended to pick up a strong password for your router that includes random numbers, alphabets, and special symbols.

2. Disable SSID Broadcast

When using a Netgear WiFi router at home, it is suggested to turn off the SSID broadcast. This feature is often useful for hotels, businesses, restaurants, and libraries that are looking to provide WiFi access to their customers. If you enable SSID broadcast, then anyone else who passes by your home can easily find your network and connect to it.

Therefore, keep in mind to disable the SSID broadcast feature for your WiFi network.

3. Keep Your Router Firmware Updated

At times, the Netgear router’s firmware may contain flaws that can become major vulnerabilities unless they are quickly resolved by new firmware versions from the manufacturer. So, always install the latest firmware update on your Netgear WiFi router to ensure no security hole or breach is left open to online attackers.

So, check the current firmware version on your Netgear router. If it is outdated, you can update it by accessing the setup page.

4. Turn Off Your WiFi Network When Not at Home

It sounds simple but one of the simplest ways to secure your Netgear router WiFi network is to turn it off when you are away from home. There is no need to keep your WiFi network running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Turning off your Netgear router WiFi when you are not at home reduces the chances of expedient hackers trying to enter your home network when you are not in.

5. Create a Separate Network for Guests

Just in case you are looking to permit visitors to use your Netgear router WiFi, it is sensible to provide a guest network. It means that they can connect to the internet without getting access to your home’s internal network. This is helpful in both for security reasons and also to avoid them from unknowingly infecting your WiFi network with malware or other viruses.

All you need to do is simply access the Netgear router login web page, enter the router’s dashboard, and set up a guest WiFi network.

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