How to repurpose podcast content

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Repurposing content is a popular idea widely practiced by businesses. It requires almost no brainstorming and a very low cost. But, repurposed content can provide you the same advantages as brand new content. The podcast is interesting content that offers you multiple repurposing opportunities.

In this post, we will discuss how you can repurpose content into popular podcasts. Enjoy!


Blog posts to podcasts

If you are an avid blogger, chances are you might have a good reader base. They have already read what you wrote. But, that content is fairly new to your listeners. Note that blog readers and podcasts listeners are two different groups of audience. So, you should never fear while repurposing your popular blog posts into podcasts.

Converting your blog posts into podcast episodes is one of the most successful content strategies followed by many. However, you have to wisely pick a blog post that might be suitable and engaging for your listeners. A common mistake of many podcasters is, they directly read and record the post. Before recording one, you need to convert it into an audio script so that it doesn’t sound like reading an article.


Question and answers

If you are a business owner, you are usually asked a ton of questions each day about your products and services. Besides, you have heard a lot of questions either in a seminar or a live video conference. Questions are assets that mean the askers are willing to know more about you.

You can integrate all those questions and make an entire podcast episode. You can also collect a variety of questions from social media, forums, blog comments, and other sources along with generally asked questions. Q&A podcasts attract listeners like a magnet because people like to ask questions as well as want to know who is asking.


Repurpose statistics

It is interesting that people want to know how many online users visit Facebook every day. It is because statistics are very catchy and people want to know about them. Though visual content like graphs and videos represent statistics much better, the podcast can be another addition while repurposing content.

Repurposing statistics into the podcast is an effective strategy of content marketing because it allows people to understand complex data effortlessly.


Summarize popular episodes

There is a big debate about the ideal length of a podcast. If you create a resourceful and informative podcast, naturally it would be longer. But, you should not expect that all listeners will listen to the entire episode. Some people are too busy to listen to a long podcast. In that case, you can repurpose the longer version into shorter.

The summarized podcast should express the primary message of the entire episode. If you know a long and popular podcast published by others, you can also repurpose them and make a shorter version by reviewing them.

After repurposing content into a podcast, you need to share it with your listeners. If you are a beginner and host them on Soundcloud, you can buy soundcloud plays here to grow your listener base.

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