How To Manifest What You Want

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How can you manifest what you want? You might have heard of the law of attraction, or that thoughts become things. This blog post talks about how to manifest and attract what you want in your life by using manifestation techniques. You can also read about the 369 manifestation methods which is trending on TikTok here.

Create a vision board

You are what you think about all day long. So the first step to manifesting your desires is to create a vision board that helps you visualize and focus on what it is that you want in life.

If this seems difficult, here’s how I do it: Every time I get inspired by something or find an image of something I want in life, I take a screenshot and save it to my phone. Over time this becomes an album of things you want that excites your senses. Your vision board will be filled with images from magazines, inspirational quotes, or any other inspiring visuals that come your way every day.

Write down your goals and review them daily

Writing out your goals can give you a sense of focus and clarity. It is important to review your goals daily, or at least weekly, so that they don’t get lost in the shuffle. It can be as simple as writing them down on an index card and putting it somewhere visible where you’ll see it throughout the day (in front of your bathroom mirror while brushing teeth; above your desk).

You might also want to post them prominently on social media sites like Facebook for all those who care about what you’re striving for to see!

A few minutes each morning looking over my list reinforces those things I’m already working towards instead of distracting me from doing more important tasks during the day by focusing on everything else I still need to do. Plus, this gives me a chance to add any new goals that come up in the course of my day.

Often I’ll review these lists as part of evening routines before bed, too (or even with coffee first thing in morning), and then again after work when I’m trying to decompress from all the things that happened during the day.

This simple ritual has helped me stay motivated by reminding myself what’s important and productive for me while still giving enough room for spontaneity throughout my days!

Visualize yourself achieving these goals

Visualization is a powerful Law of Attraction technique that you can use to achieve your goals.

Visualize yourself achieving these goals and feeling the joy that will come with them, to really give your manifestation process a boost. Picture what you want in detail and describe it as if you already have it (e.g., “I am living my dream life”).

Imagine how this would look, feel, taste or smell like – use all of your senses when visualizing!

For example: I can see myself on vacation at the beach surrounded by palm trees while sipping an exotic drink from an icy glass… The sound of waves crashing against the shoreline is both relaxing yet invigorating. I hear people laughing nearby but not too close so as to disturb me or make me self conscious about my appearance.

I feel myself starting to relax with the sound of the waves crashing and people around me laughing, my muscles are beginning to ease up as I start feeling happy for no apparent reason.

The sun is warm on my skin but not too hot that it’s unbearable or making me sweat profusely and since there isn’t a cloud in sight I know that if I wanted more shade then all I have to do is move (or go under one of those palm trees). The breeze from the ocean has made its way inland so now I’m dry even though just moments ago before walking here with friends when we were getting ice cream at this little place down by the water…

Take time each day to do something you enjoy


Remember to take some time each day to do something you enjoy. This will help you maintain a good feeling about yourself and keep the momentum going on manifesting what you want!

Remember that life is not always easy, but it’s worth it. You are working hard to improve your life, so be kind to yourself. Treats like taking a walk outside or watching an inspiring movie can offer some relief from stress and anxiety that may have been building up in your body over time without even knowing it.

Remember that setbacks happen sometimes: if you’re experiencing one right now, try focusing on how this experience is helping you learn more about where your blocks might exist–and then take steps towards removing them as soon as possible!

It also helps when there are other people around you who are willing to be supportive and provide a different perspective. When you feel like giving up, reach out for help from others- it can make all the difference when it comes to motivation

Finally, if fear is your roadblock and has been preventing you from manifesting what you want in life: take some time with yourself! Remember that we have control over our thoughts which then determines how we react. If there’s something holding me back or I’m feeling anxious about my future…I will practice grounding myself by taking deep breaths, writing down gratitude lists (see blog post on manifestation), meditating, reading inspirational quotes and always reminding myself of how much potential I really have within me.

Be grateful for what you have now


Be grateful for the things that are working in your life right now.  Focus on all of the things that are going well, not just what isn’t perfect yet and then you’ll find it easier to make changes when necessary.

I will practice grounding myself by taking deep breaths, writing down gratitude lists (see blog post on manifestation), meditating, reading inspirational quotes and always reminding myself of how much potential I really have within me.

Be grateful for what you have now – focus on all of the things that are working in your life right now, not just the things that aren’t perfect yet


By applying all the manifestation techniques mentioned in this post, you will not only manifest what you want but also appreciate the manifestation of your desires as they progress.

My favorite thing about living a more mindful life is how effortlessly I am able to attract and manifest my goals into reality. It’s amazing how much potential we really have within us when we’re willing to work towards them. The key is being grounded during those times when it feels like nothing is going our way because there will always be something good happening!

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