How to Make Free Voice and Video Calls with Messenger?

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Facebook messenger provides access to Make one-on-one voice and video calls. However, one can make group video calls with up to 50 heads by using the Messenger room. Facebook messenger provides free access to make calls as well there are several other ways convenient to communicate.

Messenger is not just only sending text messages but you can also make free voice and video calls to any other user. You need to simply tap on the button to start the conversation with that person. Additionally, messenger allows users to communicate with relatives and friends over text messages and voice or video calls. In order to start the voice and video call by using Facebook messenger, you need to sign in to the Facebook account. Let’s check out how you can perform voice and video calls by using Facebook messenger on smartphones and IOS.

How to make calls on messenger?

This article tells about how to make voice and video calls on Facebook Messenger. Whether it is through the application or website or on the Facebook portal device you can make voice and video calls. The process for doing the thing is similar whether you are on the smartphone or tablet and desktop


Make a voice call on Facebook messenger

1. Do a conversation with a specific person

Right away, one can use messenger to make free voice and video calls. The user would need to use the messenger application as well as the Facebook application or make sure the device is connected to the internet to execute the call. The recipient can also place and receive the calls on the Facebook website. Now, group calls and conference calls are available.

2. Tap the Call button to make a voice call

Users would be notified when they are getting a call and they are not able to pick up. If the button is “grayed” the other person cannot receive the phone calls. This might happen because the person is offline or using an older version of the application. In case, you can ask that person to update the application.

3. Start the conversation

Once the phone started ringing with me you have to put the device up to the ear and you can start talking like you have done an often phone call.

4. You can also tap on the speaker to turn on the speakerphone

The user has a feature to play the whole audio very loud so there is no need to keep the phone around your ear. One can also tap on the mute button that would benefit another person from hearing until the button is muted.

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Do video call on Facebook messenger

1. Open the Messenger conversation to make a video call

One can chat with their loved ones and the specific person at the time. The video button is available in group chats. To do a video call with more than 50 heads at the same time, there is a need to create a group.

2. Click on the video button

It is easier to place video calls just like phone calls on ka Facebook Messenger. You can check out the small window that appeared on your phone as well the user video would cover up on the screen. 

3. Make the call from the area and hold the phone rightly

Once the video call is connected the other person would be able to see you easily. Make sure that you are at the right place or hold the phone precisely.

4. Click on the camera button on the upper right corner to switch call

The feature would benefit to switch on the camera project front and rear-facing cameras. Use the option while making the video chat.

User can also click on the camcorder to turn off the camera

One can also click on the camcorder to turn off the camera and this would continue the call as an audio call.

The steps would help make video and voice call both. However, follow the step-by-step information to do a video call accurately. 

Record messenger call might be easier by following the right steps. For precise reference, one must check out our informative article to records messenger calls. Howbeit, many applications are available such as DU recorder and so on to record messenger calls. It doesn’t matter what sort of call wants to record. Now, one can record voice and video calls of messenger in just a few taps. 

Wind up-

As we conclude, the listed steps will help make voice and video calls on messenger as per suitability. You even record calls of your loved ones and friends to capture great moments and shots.

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