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In this article, we have gathered the information and step by step easy guide on how to Install React on Macoperating system. Let’s first understand in brief what is React and what is it used for.


       I.            What is React?

React is a free and open-source JavaScript library which is used in building user interfaces or UI components, particularly single-page applications. It is used in handling the view layer for web and mobile applications and it also let us to create reusable UI components.


React, a front-end library is managed by the social media giant Facebook team and by a community of individual developers and organizations.



The present article is a guide to Install React on Mac and assumes that you’re using macOS. Before we begin, you need to have a user account with installation privileges and unrestricted access to certain mentioned web sites and that’s it then it can be referred by anyone who wish to install latest version of nodejs on mac. For this, you need to check the system requirements if it fits with your current operating system that are: macOS >=10.10, 4 GB RAM, and 10 GB free space.


Before we start, let’s understand two terms which will be in frequent use in this guide:


Node.js: Node.js, an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment executes JavaScript code outside of a browser. It allows the developers use JavaScript to develop range of applications and is needed for dev tooling and experience.


Npm: It refers to node package manager and it is a dependency management tool used injavascriptapps and helps to install libraries and other tools to support react development.


Let us begin our small journey ofnodejs installation and after the completion on nodejsinstallation, we will guide on how to install Create React App command line. So, let’s dive in:


    II.            Download nodejs

Visit nodejs download page here at: and Click on ‘macOS’ installer so that you can download the updated version of node installation package.


 III.            Install nodejs

You should click on the download node-vxx.xx.xx.pkg (for instance node-v10.15.0.pkg) as in earlier mentioned step to kick start the installation. Soon a screen appears where you need to click ‘Continue; and by clicking it you will be asked to accept the license, so click continue.


Thereafter you need to accept the agreement by clicking on ‘Agree’ > ‘Continue’ > ‘Install’. When you click Install, you need to provide some of your credentials such as username and password then you are good to go with installing the software.


Upon the successful installation of the app a screen will appear which will show you the summary of the installation. If you want to access the node and npmexecutable from terminal ensure that /usr/local/bin is in your $PATH and that can be even verified by running echo $PATH command in terminal.


 IV.            Testing Installation

Now open the terminal and run mentioned command “node –v” to test node. When you do so, you should expect to see an output as outlined but please note that your version may be different as it varies with date of installing as the nodejs team may have made an aggressive release but don’t forget to ensure that your node version is > v10.0.0.


You can now open terminal and run the command “npm –v” to test npm and get your output. Since the version may vary depending on date of installation ensure that your npm version is  >5.


    V.            Install create react app

In order to set up a productive reach development environment, you would need to configure tools such as babel, webpack which honestly are complex to configure for those who are new to react world. There are various tools that will enable in alleviating this problem out of which the create React app is the easiest and finest tool across because its production grade configurations are pre-built. The significance of React App tool is that it doesn’t lock-in and lets you alter the configuration by ejecting the app.


Installation of the Create React App will be done using npm. To do that, you need to run the installation command on terminal: npm install -g create-react-app


Upon the successful installation of the react app you should see the output as aforesaid done. Kindly note that your Create React App version may be different from what you saw while running the install command.


If you want to test your Create React App, then you should run command: create-react-app –version. Now that it’s done we are happy to congratulate you that you’ve successfully installed the create-react-app.



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