How to Improve Internet Service

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Who does not want to improve their existing internet service? Everybody desires to take delight in better internet speed and an enhanced connectivity experience. But there is plethora of information out there and plenty of potential solutions you can try, but not all of them actually work. Some techniques are straight-up fake and others are pretty technical

Broadband and cable modem connection has become so essential that it is hard to imagine life without either of them. People use their computers for shopping, checking mails, viewing the web, chatting with friends and colleagues, etc. The broadband access speed determines how fast these activities can take place. Many homes and offices have become dependent on the internet for doing all these activities on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there are instances when people experience connection problems due to cable modem or broadband modem wires that get entangled or damaged. This may lead to inconveniences such as not being able to access the internet or slow down the computer.

If you want to know how to improve broadband access, you may consult your local telecom company or try out the available internet service providers in your area. If you live in an area where there is a high demand for Wi-Fi coverage, you may also contact wireless network providers and ask them about the wireless network infrastructure in your location. In that case, you would be provided with wireless network cards to connect to the internet. You may also apply for a No Deposit WAPA (wireless Internet Access) card from the government to save yourself from the hassle of setting up a wireless network.

The Federal Government has offered a border-to-border broadband development grant program called Border Connect, to help promote internet connectivity in the country. The grant program offers tax credits and other financial assistance to state and local governments, non-profit organizations, and private individuals who want to improve broadband connection at their locations. For individuals who own computers, a modem, and internet connections, this opportunity is just right for you.

Slow internet has got you down? Follow these tips to turn your frown upside down:

Adjust the Position of Your Router

Have you kept your router in your cupboard? Not a good idea. Closets, walls, bookshelves, all such things can potentially weaken your Wi-Fi signal. To avoid this, you must change the position of your router. By placing it at a central position away from obstacles can instantly boost your internet speed and you will be amazed to see how far your wireless signals can reach. 

Turn off Everything and Then Turn It on Again

If your internet keeps slowing down, resetting your router and modem might be the quickest troubleshoot tip to fix the connection. You can even do this with all the devices connected to your home Wi-Fi.  

Just by a quick power cycle, you may overcome all your modem issues. Similarly, a quick router reset can clear its memory, giving it a fresh start on things that were bogging it down earlier.

Adjust the Antennas of Your Router

Some routers only have internal antennas which are fixed and cannot be adjusted at all. But, there are other devices with adjustable antennas, so if you have one, try to reconfigure them. 

Mostly, router antennas are Omni directional, meaning they can transmit signals in all directions perpendicular to the antenna. For instance, a horizontal transmits Wi-Fi signals vertically, and vice versa. For this reason, if you want to stretch the signals from your Wi-Fi router to multiple floors, adjust your device’s antenna horizontally to extend Wi-Fi coverage up and down.

Change the Band or Channel 

It is important to know that the signals from your Wi-Fi are split into multiple channels. Your home router uses a specific Wi-Fi channel to send signals to your internet-enabled devices, and if people in your neighborhood also use the same channel for their routers, then you may experience some interruptions in your internet service due to congestion. To fix this issue, switch to a different channel as soon as possible. You will be surprised to see the impact on your internet performance. 

Don’t Neglect Ethernet

Cabled connections are still way more reliable than wireless ones. With that said, use an Ethernet cable to connect your most important devices to the internet and avoid over-the-air transmissions.

Bottom Line

While we really hope these simple tricks help improve your internet service, sometimes your home internet connection is just not enough to fulfill the internet lifestyle of you and your family. If that is the case, we would suggest you upgrade to a better internet provider, like Fiber internet that promises high-speed internet for all your devices at a competitive price without binding you to any kind of contract. 


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