How To Get Fast 3000+ Instagram Followers In Just 29 Days?

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How To Get 3000+ Instagram Followers In Just 29 Days?

  • A few months ago, we had a customer in the Health and Fitness industry with my brother. When we consider our target audience and consider the aesthetic expectations related to the fitness industry, we have decided that Instagram is the most suitable option we have to ensure that our customer gets traffic.
  • We gave our intensive presence on this project and it would not be wrong to state that we are quite successful as a result of all our efforts. There are currently 400 million monthly users on Instagram. Therefore, working on Instagram will surely have a profit to create your brand awareness.

Let’s start reviewing 13 tips that help us gain over 3000 Instagram followers with Profseoservices:

How To Get Quick Instagram Followers

1. Use third-party tools

It is possible to find many useful third-party service options that you can add to your Instagram marketing strategy. If you need to take a look at the tools that will save you efficiency and time during this challenging process:


Hootsuite allows you to schedule the content you want to share on many social media platforms. So when you schedule a certain time for content, then Hoot suite shares that content on your behalf. Hootsuite has a 30-day free trial, but after this trial period, you have to pay $ 10 a month to switch to the Pro version. The free version supports up to 3 interconnected accounts, and the statistical information you get in analytics is limited, but it is a good choice to start with.

I have scheduled the content that I will share over the next days using Hoot suite in a day that I set every week. Once you’ve done the timing of the content, you can fully focus on real-time replies, private messages and comments.Crowd fire is a program with very similar features to Hoot suite and it is mobile user friendly. It is strongly recommended to try.

Just unfollow

  • Thanks to Justunfollow , you can see the people you follow but do not follow you and you can easily stop following these accounts. This is a program that will help you a lot especially after the follow-up marathons.
  • In Justunfollow’s freemium model, only a limited number of people can be tracked within 24 hours. Unfollowgram is another program that shows the same Justunfollow’s function. You can find many applications that provide this type of service. Test all the options, choose the program you like the most and keep using it.

How To Get Fast Instagram Followers

Wordswag & PicLab

These two services are really great options for creating wordart on Instagram. Unfortunately, Wordswag is an application exclusively for iOS users. As it is hard to confess this as an Android user, Android’s apps for Instagram are worse than iOS when it comes to wordart. The best I found was PicLab . Another alternative that can be used for this purpose in .

Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a great app! Simply Measured is a detailed analytics service that provides statistical information of everything you need to know. You can see which countries your followers are mostly from and you can share your content in accordance with that time period.

2. Put aside your pride and do a follow-up marathon

  • Follow-up marathons are a very important and effective strategy to grow fast in Instagram marketing and social media marketing areas in other platforms. So what exactly is the marathon to follow?
  • If you want to gain your followers more and more then we suggest you some unique and informative ideas free of cost. Here you need to get Instagram services from no site at a very cheap rate. So we suggest you to Buy Instagram Followers In Pakistan and likes from profseoservices and apic likes because we have good experience with these sites. These sites services are very fast and valuable for your business.
  • Visit all Instagram accounts that have the same user audiences targeted by you and start following every user who follows those accounts. Then wait 2-3 days and stop following the accounts that do not follow you, services like Just UN follow mentioned above are working very effectively in this regard.
  • I have no problems with following marathons. For some people, this type of strategy is on par with cheating, but to me, it’s a smart idea. What I really dislike is that this strategy is applied to accounts outside the target audience. If you manage an account focused on sharing sports news, it is quite unreasonable, unnecessary and a complete waste of time to do this follow-up marathon on accounts that focus on food or lifestyle-related content. It also gives the impression that it is very fake.
  • Keep using this strategy until you reach a certain number of followers and interaction rate. Once you’ve reached the numbers you set, focus only on interacting with them and producing high-quality content.

3. Be consistent

  • It is really the most important thing to be consistent in social media marketing. One of the idioms I like is this:
  • “When asked” how do you eat an elephant “, you should answer” by eating a bite at a time “. I don’t know who said this phrase first, but I hear a lot from my family and I think it’s a very valid statement. How often you need to share content is a varying factor. E-books and articles written about this subject try to give detailed information. The most ideal is to enter at least one content every day. But the most important thing is to focus on producing quality content.
  • Set yourself a limit and never stay under it. Never post just to share content. In the long run, it will not harm you, but rather harm it. Using Simply Measured service, examine which countries your followers are from and determine in which time periods you should share your content based on the information you have obtained. If you live in the United States and 78% of your followers are in the UK, it makes no sense to share your content at 10 am and 6 pm.

4. Theme everything possible

Themes are really useful. It saves you a lot of time and is very effective for branding. Themes are often used when creating wordart, and we highly recommend these themes, especially to those who have a public account on Instagram. When your themes are ready, all you have to do is complete the content. After doing this, you are ready to share the content.

5. Use a high resolution camera or camera

  • The quality of the photos you take is incredibly important. If you don’t have a camera capable of taking high-resolution photos, then borrow it. There are websites that offer cameras that you can borrow or rent, but they may require a bit of budget.
  • If you are creative in filtering and photo editing, you can manage it using your smartphone’s camera. However, if your budget allows, you should definitely invest in a camera. If you plan to use Instagram in the long term, it is definitely worth buying a camera.

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