How To Find the Best Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved One

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How To Find the Best Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved One

It can be a daunting task to help your loved ones find the right assisted living facility for them when the time comes.  Here is a guide to help you decide which facility to choose.


This will probably be the first thing you look at when deciding on a facility.  It can be difficult to choose one if your loved one does not live close by.  Speak to them and find out if they would rather stay close to where they are living, or they would prefer to be moved closer to you.  Then you can start your search.  Look for something local, such as assisted living Jackson NJ facilities like Monarch Communities, where your loved one will be happy.


Once you have made your short-list from the facilities you have found online, go and see them in person if you can.  This will give you a much better feel for the facilities that you may not get by looking online.  You will be able to see how friendly the staff are and how clean the building is and make a much more informed decision.  If you live far, away why not combine the tour of these facilities with a vacation, as this will give you a better insight.

Speak to Residents

Online reviews can give you an indication of what the facility is like, but nothing is as good as hearing it first-hand for yourself.  While you are in the facilities, speak to the residents and see what they really think of their living space.  You will get a much better idea of whether this is the right environment for your loved one by doing this.


Most assisted living facilities will run an activities program for their residents to keep them occupied and social.  Speak to staff about this to see how often they are taken out and how much time they spend with the other residents.  See if the activities on offer match the hobbies and interests of your loved one, as this will be a good indication of whether they will enjoy their stay.

Level of Care

Assisted living is usually on offer for elderly residents who are still able to do a lot of things for themselves.  However, there may come a time when the health of your loved one could deteriorate and they may need further assistance or even specialist nursing.  Ask whether that is available in the facility, or would you be expected to move your loved one again if this happened.  Many older people do not like to move around a lot, so look for a facility where they can be cared for if they need any further support, or you could find yourself having to repeat your search in a year or two just one your loved one has settled down.

Follow this guide to find the best assisted living facility for your loved one. Take your time and make the right choice.

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