How to Entertain Children on Every Occasion

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Are you an entertainer, a babysitter or a super mom? Here’s how to entertain them at home, at a restaurant, at a party, at a wedding or on the go!

In this Guide I have really tried to put together all the tips and techniques learned and perfected in 10 years of experience in the field of animation for children, trying to create a complete vademecum for anyone who finds himself having to entertain children or you can also watch free Movies ‌at ‌ 123movies of all ages and in any type of context. family and professional.

  1. Entertaining Children at a Birthday Party

If you are interested in how to entertain children at a birthday party because you want to turn your passion into a job, I recommend you read my article on how to become a children’s entertainer .

But let’s move on to our birthday party!

If you want to entertain children at a birthday party you will need to pay particular attention to 3 fundamental aspects :

1.1  Games for Children: avoid these mistakes

When you don’t have much experience in the field of children’s entertainment, you think that one game is more or less worth the other, but it is essential to choose the right game … at the right time.

First of all, I will list some errors that must absolutely be avoided:

  1. Starting with Movement games : this is a classic mistake of novice animators and entertainers and has the effect of exciting children in the first minutes of the party, with the result of losing their attention in a short time.
  2. Choose games that are not suitable for the age group
  3. Choose games that are potentially dangerous for children
  4. Choose the games that are presented in an inelegant way: avoid rolls of toilet paper or brushes for the toilet (please !!)
  5. Choose musical games at the beginning of the party
  6. Entertaining Children at a Wedding

When you entertain children at a wedding reception, you have three main goals:

  • To entertain the children
  • Pay attention to the safety of children
  • Make sure that children do not disturb adults

After years of animation, I realized that when children have fun it is almost automatic that they do not go and ask for attention from their parents.

But it is also true that generally a wedding reception lasts from 4 to 6 hours and that entertaining children for such a long period of time can seem really difficult.

It must also be said that while during a birthday party the children are under the responsibility of the parents (as present), during a wedding they will be under the responsibility of the animator.

Let’s see together how to entertain children during a wedding reception.

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2.1 Games and Activities during a Wedding

The games and activities that you can offer during this type of event are very similar to those of a birthday party (see them now) , but it is important to keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Animators are not always allowed to use music at wedding receptions ; the advice is to bring the audio system with you, but evaluate immediately if there will be a real possibility of using it.
  • It is important to consider that in the locations hosting wedding receptions there are many elements that can constitute a danger to the safety of children such as: swimming pools, vases, stairways.
  • In general, it is not recommended to propose facial make-up (face painting) during wedding receptions, as children will have to take pictures.
  1. Entertaining the Children at Home

To entertain your children indoors, you will inevitably have to prefer static activities , with a constant eye on their safety.

In the article Games to play at home – 30 simple and fun ideas , I propose ideas that I personally tested when I found myself babysitting my grandchildren.

Other Tips to Entertain Your Kids at Home

1-3 years of age are the periods when children are most curious. At this age, they may be more interested in household items and objects around them than toys. Instead of buying new toys all the time, you can easily benefit from some of the things that are at hand at home.


You can also contribute to your little one’s motoric development by having utensils of different sizes inserted and removed. Or you can put smaller objects in a pot or a hollow container and have them remove them. Kids ages 1-3 can keep busy for hours with this activity.

Large ladles and spoons are also objects that children in this period love to use. What you need to be careful about is that they are not heavy so that they do not hurt the child. They can play by combining these ladles and spoons with pots and other containers. The mixing movement both entertains them and contributes to their motoric development.

The cardboard boxes that they can fit in also entertain the children. They can get in and out of the box many times.

The sound of an old bicycle bell will also entertain the little ones. An alarm clock that will not frighten the child can also be used.

Bags in which he can put things in and take out are very attractive toys at this age.

1-3 year old children like to look at themselves in the mirror. If possible, use non-breakable mirrors suitable for children and do not leave the child alone with the mirror. A wall-mounted mirror can also be used.


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