How to Ensure That Moving Your Heavy Equipment Goes As Smoothly As Possible

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How to Ensure That Moving Your Heavy Equipment Goes As Smoothly As Possible

If your company uses heavy machinery, you may find yourself needing to transfer it at some point. You might only be moving your equipment from one end of your property to the other or, perhaps you need to move things to another county or even internationally regardless of the distance, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Use an experienced, highly recommended logistics firm

You may already know who you intend to use and that’s ok although, it doesn’t hurt to have a quick look at what else is on offer. Who knows, you might get a better price or a team that specialise in moving the type of equipment you need moved. Nearly everyone is Internet active these days so, you can be sure your customers would have checked you out online first, do the same and look for feedback, people are quick to leave reviews if the company is no good. Generally speaking, choosing a company like Rhenus High Tech that has been operating successfully for years and has excellent feedback records should be a safe bet.

Safety first

As things like health and safety regulations increase or become more complicated, even when you hire an external contractor your company’s reputation could still be affected, if their health and safety procedures aren’t up to scratch. You should be able to check with the department of transport, they might be able to confirm that the company uses best practices which should provide you with safety assurance.


Customer feedback was touched on earlier although it does deserve some more attention for a few reasons; it’s really important to analyse the reviews that you see, especially if you are looking at reviews written and advertised on social media and search engines. It can be really easy to set up a web presence and create feedback that isn’t genuine, make sure to check their website and make contact with existing clients.

Plant machinery

You should be able to get a good idea of what capabilities the company you are considering have by checking their website. Usually, they will be quite proud to list what machinery they have and how it sets them ahead of their competitors. Consider the future, if the company has a comprehensive range of specialist equipment that you could use in the future, getting to know each other now could make things easier in the future, if you need them for other jobs.

Insurance and Licences

Following the theme of safety first, it’s important to make sure that the company has relevant licences for the work you need doing, not to be a busy body or anything but, either your insurance, or theirs may be compromised if they don’t have the required certifications. The most important thing here is, to cover yourself and to protect your business.

Added value services

WIth a view of enhancing the service that you expect to receive, it is always worth checking out how the company you are considering is going to tackle the job and what they use to do so. For example, you may have goods that need to be handled with extreme care, maybe uninstalled and then calibrated when they reach their destination. If you can get everything done with the same firm then it will save time and money.



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