How to earn as an affiliate via email marketing

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This blog will help you to earn commission as an affiliate via email marketing.

Email marketing is a dynamic channel that helps generate a tremendous amount of profit online.

Social media platforms provide the necessary channels to earn such profits.

Imagine just clicking or opening links or placing orders online can generate massive sales and brand promotion.

What is affiliate marketing ??

Affiliate marketing refers to earning a commission by simply promoting other products on their websites. It is highly beneficial to both marketers aka Affiliate program and affiliates to gain profit. Affiliate marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics. You can earn as an affiliate through email marketing, driving sales, and generate significant online revenue. Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective method. You can do affiliation work from home. If you want to earn handsome money, then why not as an affiliate??

Email marketing is an open platform for all the affiliates out there. It is all about knowing the nitty-gritty of email marketing which will be helpful to earn commission as an affiliate.

Let’s dive in to know how to earn as an affiliate via email marketing.

Make your content eye-catching –

In the blink of an eye, we have almost made it halfway through 2021, especially considering how the year 2020 has gone.

The situation of the pandemic has made social interaction taboo. So, interactions have turned digital, and most people rely on online content.

Great content is an important aspect. It is a way to build a trustworthy relationship with the audience, improve conversion rates, and generate leads.

  • As per a data given on visme, 96% of the most successful content marketers say that content marketing has helped them build credibility and trust with their audience.
  • A whopping 95% of the B2B service and product buyers admit that content is a reliable marker when evaluating a business.

Information source – visme

Your SEO rank will improve if you consistently produce high-quality content. In addition, valuable content can help develop brand awareness and create your authority online.

Find your target customers and build unique content for them. There are various marketing techniques worldwide, but content making is one of the marketers’ chosen techniques.


Email list segmentation –

To optimize your email marketing campaigns to their full potential, you must segment email lists to reach your valid users. In addition, email list segmentation helps identify your target audience. In addition, you need to verify your email list with the Email Verification Service for better deliverability.

There will be numerous emails, valid and invalid subscribers with false accounts, which will degrade your sender score.

Email list segmentation is a MUST to improve your SEO ranking.

Statistics says – 39% experienced higher open rates when using segmentation strategies – pure360

According to Jupiter research, an analyst revealed that emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails. These statistics are enough to clear your mindset if you still feel email list segmentation is an old marketing tactic.

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Diversify affiliate links –

Affiliate diversification will allow a marketer to reach potential and different customers.

You can generate sales by advertising products through posting informative videos on YouTube, making podcasts to develop brand awareness, thus building up a perfect marketing base for the seller.

Join online community groups related to your interest, making it easy to connect to the verified audience.

You can promote the brand on various social media platforms and add links to the desired products you promote.

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Email marketing campaigns –

To find the target audience and to keep them engaged, email marketing campaigns should be a priority.

An email marketing campaign will help reach customers in real-time.

Drawing the interest of people is indeed a difficult task. It requires effort and innovative ideas.

In digital marketing, emails are the ultimate tools to create a vast customer base and take a brand to new heights.

Use email verifiers wisely –

Email verifiers help prevent unsubscribers rates by removing unwanted and unnecessary email addresses.

E.g., MyEmailVerifier helps prevent bounce rates, find valid email addresses, and removes invalid fraud users. Thus, it will be even easier for you to connect with desired audiences.

You can deliver emails in real-time and increase response rates.

Email campaigns show a decrease in bounce rates by 90% after email verification.

Things are not as easy as it seems –

Only by creating a website can you be a billionaire overnight?!

You need to invest a lot of effort, energy, and dedication to make it happen. But hard work is the only thing that will sail you through the ocean.

Stop daydreaming if you seriously want to earn as an affiliate, as there is no direct formula for success!!

Earn more, spend less –

The mantra behind affiliate marketing is to earn a handsome commission. Right?

This can be achieved if you choose to spend your money wisely.

For example, you can pay to purchase email addresses and get additional traffic that will eventually get you a commission.

Don’t spend money on things you will get no return. Use your valuable knowledge to grab audiences and showcase your skills.

Choose right advertiser –

Earning money is not the only objective of affiliate marketing. You also build a relationship of trust with the audiences, and this can be achieved when you identify a suitable advertiser.

If your visitors become unhappy after purchasing from the advertiser’s website, you might lose the audience base.

Your eyes should be looking for exemplary customer service.

Use proper tools –

There are many tools available that will help to create a strong niche as a successful affiliate marketer.

To get inspiration for topics you can use – buzzsumo

To track social media updates then best choice would be – buffer

To create link and tracking, use – clickmeter

To beautify your website with images and GIFs, use – unsplash

To use tool that can test affiliate links – gotrace


There is serious competition in the affiliate marketing sphere, and you must be aware of the current trends. In addition, you have to diversify your skills in this competitive world.

This blog is undoubtedly everything you are looking to jumpstart as an affiliate.

It is the ultimate time to get started!!! 

I have 15 Year experience in website development, blogging, Seo, Content writing, and Link building.

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