How to Configure Bixby Settings on Galaxy S20 First Time

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People migrate devices without issues, but personal assistants can be a tough nugget to chew in the Android experience. Indeed android offers more options in personalization and even more accessibility, but you have to feed that information to your device to set things up.

amsung’s voice assistant is knowledgeable, and we will discuss how you can set that assistant up. The process of managing all Bixby settings on a Samsung Galaxy S20 is simple in design.

What is Bixby?

Samsung Bixby might not be as famous as Siri in terms of voice assistant services, but it existed around the same time as Siri. The first version of Bixby was in Galaxy S8 and S8+, the flagship devices of Samsung 2017.

You will have to create a Samsung account to dive intoSamsung’s ecosystem for ease of usage and access. Bixby carries out many different tasks, from guiding you to providing information regarding people, places, and things.

The few Easy steps to setup and manage Bixby review on Galaxy S20

The following easy steps will guide you through Bixby’s initial starting process and how you can access them when you require them.

  1. Start Bixby by pressing the Bixby/Power button for a short while:

You can find the power button on your screen’s right side, and it’s perfectly center from the width.

  1. Read the information that shows on the screen and click the arrow button.

You will see information about how Bixby starts and how you can influence its function.

  1. You will have to sign in to your Samsung Account on the next screen

If you have a Samsung account, you will not have to do too much more after this screen.

  1. If you do not own an active Samsung account, make one

You will have to enter your mail id, number, date of birth, and name. Samsung will get the rest of the work done by providing you with sign-in and verification methods.

  1. Scroll down to the next screen and click on the next button to proceed further.

You have to click on the arrow button like most of the information is a welcome message.

  1. Agree to Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are generally un-important and seem similar, but people have reviewed the terms, and it is pretty good.

  1. Choose if you need shortcuts

Shortcuts usually do not serve a lot of function except when you have broken your power key, which also acts as the Bixby key

The compatibility for Bixby Review

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with the latest Android 10 OS and One UI 2.0. This UI is a fantastic jump incompatibility, but the earlier versions of Bixby also work similarly. Bixby now can connect to many different devices, and the machines can edit your pics, send messages, make calls, etc. You can buy Galaxy S20 locked with a carrier or unlocked version at normal price.

The demand for Bixby has increased significantly over the years, and with new features,Samsung is including, the popularity will keep growing over time. You can also see video tutorials to guide yourself through Bixby initial setup process.

Bixby is compatible with most Samsung android devices, which run One UI. One UI is Samsung’s modified version of Android 10, optimized for only Samsung devices. UI systems are also compatible with other popular Android devices.

In conclusion

Bixby supports all global languages in the world, from English, French, Korean, and others. The Samsung One UI I compatible to go along with Bixby in the best way possible. Bixby is demanded among the smartest virtual assistants now after years of development and changes.

The company has done everything to make this assistant intelligent, and it works very well. Bixby was not in theright spot before 2018 but has undergone remarkable design changes in the past few years. The credit goes to the developers and people who contributed to their data.

Your user data might go through checks by the company to gain any required intelligence for the AI. None of your data is gone without your permission, so you do not have to worry about that. You can also opt-out of sharing your browsing data from the Bixby settings menu.

Data that can go through checks are your browsing data, your queries, and the frequencies of said queries. The personal assistant reads such data to know what people want to know and where Samsung will install quality upgrades.

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