How To Clean A Drained Hot Tub

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How To Clean A Drained Hot Tub

Part of owning a hot tub is making sure that it is kept sanitary at all times. This includes adding the appropriate chemicals to the water so that it is safe to use, as well as periodically draining it. However strictly you stick to a sanitizing schedule, most experts recommend that you drain your hot tub three or four times a year (once every four months) to keep it clean. This applies whether you have an inground (fixed) spa or an inflatable hot tub.

We’ve noticed that most homeowners that have the means of getting a fixed hot tub are using a pool cleaning service to drain and properly clean it. However, portable hot tubs are more affordable, and many people prefer to clean them on their own. Here’s a simple guide on how.

Cleaning Your Inflatable Hot Tub

After you’ve drained your hot tub completely, and disconnected all the equipment, you should immediately start cleaning it. Don’t leave it to air dry because that will leave a residue which will be harder to clean. You shouldn’t deflate the tub just yet, because cleaning will be much easier while it is inflated. Use a special cleaning spray (you can buy one from a pool shop, or where you regularly get your chemicals) and a soft cloth or a sponge to clean the inside.

Avoid scrubbing too hard or using anything that is abrasive so that you don’t damage the surface. Focus on the waterline, because that is where it will be dirtiest. Once you’re all done cleaning, make sure to rinse it well. The water should run clear after you’re done rinsing. You definitely do not want any residual soap in the water because it can damage the jets and dry out your skin when you are using the hot tub. If you wish to refill the tub, you can start now, and you’re all set. Keep reading if you want to store it.

Storing Your Deflated Hot Tub

Once you’re confident that there is absolutely no soap residue in the tub, dry it thoroughly with a towel. Keeping your hot tub dry when deflated means that no mildew will grow on it while it is in storage. So, be thorough and get to drying. Do not use a blow dryer, the heat can warp the material. You can then start deflating the hot tub. Remove the valves and go over the entire surfaces of the tub once more to make sure it is completely dry before folding. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to fold the hot tub flat, and store it in a suitable place. Make sure is it not stored in a damp area, and far from sharp objects.

As you can see, cleaning your hot tub is not as big of a chore as it seems. If you’re careful with the material, you can keep your hot tub lasting for years, while ensuring that it is sanitary and safe to use.

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