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How to make your activity visible? This is the question all entrepreneurs ask themselves at one point or another. While it is important to ask yourself the question before launching your business in order to have the levers you might need directly at hand, the visibility of a brand can also be boosted after its launch.

For this, it is possible to use many marketing, networking and SEO techniques, complementary to each other: this is the communication strategy. For those who have physical points of sale, it will also be appropriate to focus on both web visibility and physical visibility.


Build a real brand image and notoriety (branding)

  • In the first place, to be able to communicate about your activity, it is not enough to have something to offer. We also have to think about how we are going to present this thing, its products or services to the public, which audience, what language to adopt, the message we are going to convey, whether it will be suited to the intended target, etc.Let’s start by distinguishing between “branding” and “promotion”.
  • If the promotion strategy is not foreign to most entrepreneurs, who easily understand its logic based on communication around the sale itself (or notoriety), it is not always the same for branding.
  • Branding is the work around the brand, the image, the universe in general that is built around a company: name, logo, graphic charter, sound universe, but also storytelling and mythology of business, which are all ways of shaping an identity. Unique, targeted, this trademark will be your best ambassador to promote your products, but it will also be what your prospects, customers and partners will remember from you.
  • Whether they are simple prospects or loyal customers, the brand image must therefore literally represent your identity, be consistent with your target and current objectives, declined on all your campaigns, on your site, in your store. , etc. This is a crucial point that will also help you stand out from the competition.
  • Thanks to a well-constructed identity, you will manage to create a unique emotional link with your target: you stay in the minds, your brand comes to mind as soon as your products are mentioned, your prospects find you easily and the customer experience is seen as very positive.Working on your notoriety is therefore a set of actions that ultimately aims to increase your sales.

How To Boost Your Business In 2020

Building a coherent identity

  • All communication strategies in the world cannot be exploited to their full potential without resting on a solid foundation: the brand identity. You can find best business plan in Malaysia, dedicate time to think about creating your image, the one you want to reflect, the one through which you will come into contact with the world.
  • We often think of the name and logo, as well as the domain name (NDD) in the case of an e-commerce. But there is much more! The universe of your brand will cover many aspects: company values, target core target, graphic charter (logo, web design, etc.), sound universe (jingle, sound slogan, etc.), quality of products and services (user experience), etc.
  • It will then be developed on all your print and web media, your marketing campaigns and even in the service provided: for example, in the case of a physical store, the decoration and the outfits of the employees must also be in harmony with your universe.Hiring a communications agency can be of great help if you don’t know where to start to build your image.

Create a unique logo

  • The classic beginner’s mistake is to go all over the place, by dispersing his creative energy on many positions that will not necessarily be optimized at first, and by trying to make a big mix of everything we like or everything we want to say in a single concept. It goes without saying that you have to start by defining the concept of your brand as simply as possible so as to be able to create a unique and readable logo in accordance with it.
  • So avoid “easy” solutions like delegating this task to “your little nephew who did the graphics” or take the first idea that comes to mind, because this logo will be the pivot point of your communication strategy. Indeed, it will reflect your professionalism, your expertise, your values, will largely define the target you want to reach as a priority and evoke your activity. He will literally be your face in the world of communication. Yes, all of this at the same time!
  • Your graphic charter, your visual and sound universe will then revolve around the choice of your logo: colors, lines, style and concept will then be applied to all of your media. Business card, flyer, advertising cover, website and even your social media profiles
  • We’ll see it everywhere! When you know how risky it is to suddenly change your brand logo, so much it is linked to the image that the public has of your company, you can guess the importance of working it well at the start. Do not make the mistake of telling yourself “I have no ideas or skills in this area, I will put this in the meantime and I will change it later.

Start communicating before opening

If you have not yet launched your activity, you can take advantage of this time to start making contact with your future prospects and partners, “teaser”, in short, This is the “launch plan”, which can be “soft” (understand progressive) or, on the contrary, faster, more aggressive.

For the entrepreneur, opening his business online or in a store is already an “end” in itself. The result of long, happy and satisfied work, he often expects customers to rush to his products just because he has just opened, without having communicated around his activity. While this may be partially true in the case of a new physical store located in a very busy street, thanks to the attraction of novelty.

It can be much more complicated on the internet for example, where the competition is extremely tough. And above all, once the novelty has passed, continuing to arouse the interest of prospects will prove to be more complex: we cannot rely solely on an innovative concept.

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